Website downtime caused by a sudden overload can have a major impact on business.That’s why ELCA developed PeakProtect.

PeakProtect smoothly manages website overload traffic, guaranteeing a seamless user experience and full website uptime – by preventing system downtime. PeakProtect maintains customer-facing site performance, continues the flow of online sales, and thus avoids customer dissatisfaction.

How PeakProtect works for you

« Right from launch day of the iPhone, the ELCA team was at our disposal 24/7. The system worked perfectly and we were able to process all requests. We now also use the ELCA online waiting room when we perform maintenance on our website. »

Daniel Aeschbacher, Head of Experience Design and Development, Online Development and Cross-Channel Development at Swisscom.

PeakProtect is available as a service. Your account can be set up in minutes. Integration is straightforward. If needed, our experts can help you with the process.

Organizations such as the Consortium Stade de France in Paris, and Switzerland’s biggest telecommunication provider, Swisscom, already rely on PeakProtect for website peak protection, e.g., the sales start for a new iPhone. PeakProtect is currently used to manage more than 100 million unique visitors per year.

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