Records Management

ELCA's Records Management solutions are based on ECM products that are market leaders, which ELCA has adapted to suit the requirements of specific industries.

Records Management is the solution that covers the requirements for long-term archiving of business critical documents. The business processes and environment in which companies today move is changing all the time. There is nothing new about the requirement in business life to store important documents and keep them available. Every day numerous documents are created in electronic form, which are only sent and stored electronically.

Nowadays a modern Records Management solution must make provision for very different requirements:

  • Multi-layered file structures for storing electronic files across several levels
  • Safekeeping periods and destruction rules
  • Search functions for finding documents based on properties or content
  • Audit trail for transactions that have an influence on records
  • Clear access and processing rights as regards metadata and documents

« Managing (active and historical) records, independently of the format and storage, with the process also being dealt with in a secure environment using a user-friendly application. »

This is how one of ELCA's customers defines its RM requirements

Records Management is an organisational challenge for every business. Processes and structures need to be analysed and, if necessary, adapted so that the records management requirements can be applied consistently. Important questions on this topic rapidly give an indication of the effective requirement:

  • Which regulatory guidelines and laws (compliance) are crucial for my company?
  • What information must be protected in accordance with these guidelines and for how long?
  • What would be the consequences or penalties if the regulatory guidelines are not implemented? Who is liable and for what?
  • To what extent are we already covering RM guidelines using existing systems?
  • What road map exists for meeting the guidelines or what map needs to be developed?