Secure your IT and meet data compliance requirements

Protect your information assets against cyber threats and meet the regulatory requirements concerning your data.

In today’s digitized, interconnected world, information security risks are now among the top concerns faced by businesses of any size. However, strategies implemented by organizations often fail.

ELCA offers a range of integrated services and solutions. These provide unique, holistic approaches that address information security and data compliance challenges in a pragmatic and comprehensive way.

ELCA Industry Solution

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Information security and data privacy advisory services

Optimize and thereby streamline your corporate information security processes, enable effective and consistent information risk management and comply with data privacy regulations

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Identity and Access Management

As a vendor-independent IAM consultant and integrator, ELCA assists its clients at any stage of IAM initiatives, from initial requirements definition to integration of best of breed solutions, and whether starting a program or improving existing strategies for a digital future

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Swiss made data protection solutions

State-of-the-art solutions protect your data

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Software security

Integrate confidentiality, integrity, availability and compliance requirements in your applications and mitigate data processing risks

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