Software security

Integrate confidentiality, integrity, availability and compliance requirements into your applications and mitigate risks to the information assets they process.

Software development or integration often turn out to be complex and difficult. A side effect is that security aspects are sometimes insufficiently taken into consideration because of a shortage of competent resources, or time constraints.

This situation inevitably creates security flaws in the corporate IT environment, as well as significantly more expensive reactions to security problems than if the security requirements had been incorporated in the early stages of the project.


As a leading software engineering company, ELCA has developed state-of-the-art competencies to address software security and privacy related issues and provides the following services:


Secure Development lifecycle activities – ELCA integrates security activities throughout a project’s lifecycle to achieve timely and efficient risk analysis and treatment. This approach ensures that integration of new systems into your IT environment does not compromise protection of your information assets.


Maturity models – ELCA analyses gaps with security assurance best practices to detect areas in your software development lifecycle processes that need improvement and assists you in implementing the tools, processes and KPIs necessary to reach your target security level.


Software development security training – ELCA’s experts teach development teams (architects, project managers, developers) to apply secure principles relating to their function throughout the development lifecycle and introduce them to attack techniques through interactive workshops.


Cryptography expertise – The development and integration of cryptographic functions is a complex process, potentially prone to multiple types of error. Our professional cryptanalysts help you design or review the cryptographic controls most appropriate to your use case.