Stakeholder Relationship Management

Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) is about providing quick answers to key questions, such as: “What is the total value of the business I do with this company?”, or,  “Are we successful working with this partner?”,or, “Who is already in touch with this person?”.

The principal benefits of SRM solutions are that they provide efficient and collaborative ways to enrich contact and account profiles by:

  • allowing all collaborators to enter data into a single database, thus obtaining a 360° view of the stakeholders and their connections with your business;
  • capturing information on touch points, such as Emails exchanged, website navigation, chat discussions, social media activity, marketing communications, etc., so everyone in your company knows what’s going on;
  • allowing stakeholders to participate in data collection by providing a personal area on your corporate portal, thus reducing administrative costs;
  • classifying all kinds of documentation related to the stakeholder, thus enriching the 360° stakeholder view with non-structured data.

ELCA’s experts have delivered cost-effective SRM solutions successfully in various sectors including: international organisations, academia, and the finance and service industries.

Thanks to our broad portfolio of services, we are one of the few providers that is able to support you throughout a project – from defining your requirements to system operation. Our services that are especially relevant to SRM include:

  • Business Consulting, for refining your stakeholder management processes
  • Business Intelligence (BI), for enhanced analytical capabilities (data mining, big data, etc.)
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM), for handling non-structured data (eDossier solution)
  • Enterprise Portals, for allowing stakeholders to exchange information efficiently
  • Hosting / Application Management, for providing your SRM solution as a service

« We are three times more efficient at managing our contact data!
CRM is an exceptional tool and I look forward to rolling out the next phase. »

Paul Yan - CCM Support Officer

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