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Sumex II, which stands for “Suva Medical Expert System II”, was developed by ELCA Informatique SA on behalf of Suva and is now in use by a group comprises six companies from the accident and health insurance sector. This standard solution replaces the manual checking of paper invoices with automated electronic processes. The system brings flexibility to the electronic checking process and enables a saving of millions of francs every year, thereby reducing healthcare costs in Switzerland.

Electronic checking of medical care invoices.

Sumex II has been an established name in the electronic checking of medical expenses for many years now, which is reflected in its current coverage of over 50% of the Swiss market. All conventional medical care invoicing in Switzerland is supported by Sumex II, both for inpatient and outpatient care. This includes the new Swiss DRG Tariff (Diagnosis Related Groups) invoicing system.

Read more about the DRG Expert module in our flyer (available in German and French).

The Sumex II product suite comprises a number of modules which each deliver functionality to the relevant area of the electronic invoice checking process and which can be tailored to the individual requirements of each health insurance company:

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