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Professional software testing reduces a wide range of risks and helps deliver quality products to the market. Quality assurance and software testing is more and more important in a world constantly transformed by the emergence of new technologies and demand for 24/7 availability. System instability could result in customer and revenue losses and even damage to a company’s reputation. Moreover, software failures can lead to major financial costs and client dissatisfaction.

ELCA is a professional partner for all testing-related services and offers wide-ranging expertise in software testing. The goal of our approach is to achieve optimal testing efficiency, defined as the ratio between risk reduction and the testing budget.

ELCA’s test experts bring profound experience in software testing, working with state-of the-art tools and methods to test software and system components. We recommend integrating testing activities and automated tests at an early stage in the development process in order to provide fast feedback and to maximize ROI. However, we can bring testing support at any time in the application lifecycle, in new developments or legacy applications to increase quality or to help through a refactoring or modernization effort. We even coach development teams and help them to incorporate testing as an agile development activity.

Testing benefits along the project life cycle.

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