Vertical Solutions

We do not sell you the same wheel over and over again.
Based on our industry know-how and our experience in developing customized solutions, we know what companies are in need of. Take a look at our own business solutions - all well-proven in the market.

A CRM framework and fraud management for finance; SecuTix for events and ticketing, and iPension Suite and Sumex Suite for insurance. Our vertical solutions take a new approach to collaboration with our clients that fosters innovation.

Open introduction


SecuTix SA, a subsidiary of ELCA, has developed the comprehensive ticketing solution SecuTix 360°, which supports event and leisure industry professionals in tackling the challenges they face.

Aside from assuring the quality of an event, the leisure and event sector industry currently faces two major challenges: to achieve customer satisfaction during the entire customer experience (by focusing on simplicity, security, and efficiency) and to gather valuable information about that customer.

The typical customer experience begins with a search for related information prior to the event and ends with attendance at the event or a customer survey. One of the most important milestones during this cycle is the ticket purchase, where a secure, friendly and natively omni-channel ticketing solution is crucial to support a good customer relationship.

The ability to target each customer with personalised sales offers based on customer status, ranking and other precisely-gathered facts, such as personal interests, creates a competitive advantage while strongly increasing the attraction rate.

By consolidating all data related to sales and marketing within a single business view and by providing a wide range of functions to stimulate and reward customers, it is possible to increase sales and customer loyalty.

SecuTix 360° is a strategic tool provided “as a service” in the cloud.

SecuTix SA, a subsidiary of ELCA, has developed the comprehensive ticketing solution SecuTix 360°, which supports event and leisure industry professionals in tackling the challenges they face. SecuTix 360° has been conceived as a multi-segment and omni-channel platform, integrating both front-office (sales and marketing) and back-office processes (ticketing, access control, merchandising, finance and BI).

Thanks to excellent sales and marketing functions, SecuTix 360° is a strategic tool provided “as a service” in the cloud enabling high-return communication with customers while keeping operational costs under control and ensuring an excellent return on investment.

SecuTix’s leisure and event customers include the Paléo Festival Nyon, Berlin Messe, Railaway, Olma, Opéra national de Paris, Stade de France, Stade Océane, Théâtre Boulimie, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, and Teatre Lliure.

Ticketing Solution SecuTix 360°

CRM Framework for Financial Institutions

The “CRM Framework for Financial Institutions” provided by ELCA is based on agile project management and is independent of CRM solutions on the market.

ELCA's “CRM Framework for Financial Institutions” (FFI) is the product of many years of experience gained through implementing CRM projects requiring expertise in the field of banking. This suite of tools simplifies and accelerates the design and deployment of CRM solutions specially designed for financial institutions (“time to market”) so that the return on investment can be maximised.

Expertise in banking and CRM combined

ELCA's “CRM Framework for Financial Institutions” is a tool box that speeds up the process of compiling requirements and designing CRM solutions for the financial sector. It includes all the instantiated tools for professions in the world of finance and provides structured and exhaustive coverage of all areas of CRM: a “best practice” data model, a list of attributes, processes, interfaces, initial data migration, reports, multi-tenancy architectures and a multilingual capability.

« With ELCA's CRM Framework for Financial Institutions, banks and financial institutions can concentrate on their own needs and requirements for deploying or extending their CRM. »

Giuseppe Stella, head of the Banking division at ELCA

ELCA's CRM Framework for Financial Institutions includes:

  • A standardised and structured approach and project management to accelerate CRM projects.
  • Analytical grids, checklists, models and catalogues of attributes.
  • The guarantee that an exhaustive list of all requirements has been compiled.
  • Consideration of the special features of the financial sector and the benefit of ELCA's experience gained through the company's years of experience in CRM.
  • A cost-value analysis allowing the work to be prioritised.
  • Simplified communication between the customer and ELCA in the different phases of the project – the offer, the launch and deployment.

iPension suite

iPension, IT solution for managing pensions.

iPension is the modern and complete business solution for durably managing occupational pension plans. Numerous private and public pension institutions and life insurance companies like Retraites Populaires, Fédération Vaudoise des Entrepreneurs and Hotela, use that unique platform in Switzerland able to integrate the occupational (2nd pillar) and private pension (3rd pillar) since more than 10 years. iPension: a simple solution for complex processes.

This allows iPension to provide an interesting alternative from an independent company for managing pensions on the Swiss market, which to date has been dominated by very small number providers.

At the present time, pensions for around 300,000 insured persons in Switzerland are successfully processed via iPension.

ELCA developed the concept of iPension for Retraites Populaires, a pension and life assurance company based in Western Switzerland. Since then, the company has continued to invest in the solution and develop it further to ensure that it is excellent for meeting the current market needs and statutory requirements.

The result is a modern IT solution for pensions which, in technical terms, is extremely adaptable and easy to implement, thanks to its highly integratable architecture.

  • ELCA is one of the largest IT consultancy and services companies in Switzerland. Since we were established nearly 50 years ago, we have gained in-depth experience of IT solutions for specific sectors and therefore also offer our own solutions – as is the case for iPension in respect of occupational pensions.
  • With ELCA and iPension you can keep a grip on potential risks: when future statutory and technological adjustments are required, you benefit from the support of a large and well-established provider, who is based locally and has excellent knowledge of the Swiss market.

« We have worked with ELCA to develop a management platform for the insurance business and pensions sector based on modules. This management platform, which is partly based on an extranet, allows us to cater more effectively for our customers' expectations for efficient data management. »

Claude Richard, Chief Executive of Retraites Populaires (July 2013)

There is simpler as a complex administration of pension plans: iPension.

The iPension IT solutions at a glance:

  • Performant services for all kinds of pension institutions: collective insurance companies, collective foundations, autonomous and semi-autonomous pension funds, pension institutions with inclusive insurances, …
  • The management of the whole pension of customers as set out in the Swiss federal legislation.
  • With iPension you can deal with more than a hundred different business operations with one solution.
  • iPension is a recognized and qualified solution, which has been used successfully by Swiss business for over ten years, and is already in use today to handle the pension of around 300,000 insured people.
  • State-of-the-art: ELCA is continuing the development of iPension, adding value by creating new modules in order to adapt to the changing market and user requirements, and map new trends in the solution at an early stage.

Sumex suite

Case studies

Sumex II, which stands for “Suva Medical Expert System II”, was developed by ELCA Informatique SA on behalf of Suva and is now in use by a group comprises six companies from the accident and health insurance sector. This standard solution replaces the manual checking of paper invoices with automated electronic processes. The system brings flexibility to the electronic checking process and enables a saving of millions of francs every year, thereby reducing healthcare costs in Switzerland.

Electronic checking of medical care invoices.

Sumex II has been an established name in the electronic checking of medical expenses for many years now, which is reflected in its current coverage of over 50% of the Swiss market. All conventional medical care invoicing in Switzerland is supported by Sumex II, both for inpatient and outpatient care. This includes the new Swiss DRG Tariff (Diagnosis Related Groups) invoicing system.

Read more about the DRG Expert module in our flyer (available in German and French).

The Sumex II product suite comprises a number of modules which each deliver functionality to the relevant area of the electronic invoice checking process and which can be tailored to the individual requirements of each health insurance company:

Post E-Health platform


Post E-Health provides a state-of-the-art solution for Swiss electronic health records, in line with the Swiss Confederation eHealth strategy. By sharing medical data, it contributes to cost control in healthcare and increases the quality of care. The solution can be used to exchange data securely between institutions.

Post E-Health is a solution co-developed by ELCA for Swiss Post, which aims to use information and communication technology to help improve healthcare.

As one of the pioneers in the e-health sector, Swiss Post joined forces with the canton of Geneva and ELCA to come up with the first nationwide electronic patient record system, which is compliant with Switzerland’s eHealth strategy.

With Post E-Health, Swiss Post has developed a modular platform that links healthcare providers digitally and enables a secure exchange of patient data.

Post E-Health modules work like a hub: they receive defined information, encrypt it and transport it securely to the required providers along the treatment path, who have exclusive access to specific data as and when needed. vivates is the first platform that enables comprehensive data management across the entire treatment process.

A modular service portfolio for all healthcare professionals

Post E-Health provides various sophisticated eHealth solutions: ensuring that providers are connected by the right “hub”, i.e. the perfect module, at all times. All modules can be combined with each other and the configuration of the final product is determined by customer requirements.

Post E-Health Service Modules

  • Post E-Health Patient Record : access to patient data in compliance with data protection requirements
  • Post E-Health Referral : simple and efficient hospital referrals
  • Post E-Health Medication : reliable medication thanks to clear prescriptions
  • Post E-Health Care Plan : effective coordination of care measures
  • Post E-Health Report Transfer:  secure transfer of medical document

« To support integrated care processes, a specific ICT system that allows the planning, operation and control of workflows is needed. Post E-Health fulfills this requirement and is the only system that is fully compatible with IHE and the requirements of the Swiss Confederations coordination body eHealth Suisse. With ELCA we have a strong partner that provides competent, full-time support. »

Silvio Frey, Head of Marketing and Sales eHealth - SwissPost

Post eHealth platform

The advantages of Post E-Health at a glance

  • Secure data management
  • Decentralised encrypted data storage
  • High flexibility thanks to modular design
  • Access to patient data - anywhere, any time
  • Quick and simple access to medical data
  • Optimisation of medical care resulting from access to various treatment data
  • In compliance with the legal requirements for data processing, with the Swiss eHealth strategy and linked to the EU pilot project epSOS (European Patients Smart Open Services)
  • Follows the standards from IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise)

Several cantons already place their trust in the secure electronic health solutions from Swiss Post including the cantons of Geneva, Ticino and Vaud, as do the hospitals in the canton of Aargau.


Fraud Management

Banks, insurance companies, industry and the public sector are experiencing an upsurge in fraudulent activities, which vary greatly and involve considerable expense. These activities are becoming increasingly sophisticated and demand extensive monitoring of the activities of both customers and employees.

ELCA works with its technology partners to design and develop solutions that are adapted to each context.

A growing number of IT solutions are available and these supplement conventional security measures, whether these are in the field of money laundering, market abuse, data theft, forgery or smuggling, to list just a few of the areas involved.

Thanks to expertise in the field of data analysis, which ELCA has been implementing for many years within its Business Intelligence projects, plus the additional input of experts in complex algorithms that can pinpoint anomalies in the behaviour of people and systems and produce alerts where suspicious activities occur, our team of consultants will help you to put in place the most advanced solutions to combat this modern-day scourge.

ELCA offers its customers a suite of services, ranging from risk analysis, concept development and implementation of solutions to operational monitoring and even hosting the solution, thus allowing customers to work with one single partner covering the entire chain.

ELCA offers highly specialised expertise in the following areas:

  • Fight against money laundering and market abuses, as well as their respective regulations
  • Establishment and optimisation of artificial intelligence algorithms for the detection of fraud
  • Implementation of interfaces with IT systems and solutions for monitoring data and activities

Life Science Quality and Manufacturing

Over the past few years, pharmaceuticals companies and, more generally, life sciences businesses have had to adapt to stricter and stricter rules, especially in terms of production quality (FDA CGMP, EMA EudraLex, vol. 4). At the same time, economic pressure on production has forced them to constantly increase their competitiveness and flexibility by optimising their work processes. Failures in the quality process can cause delays in market release, product recalls, and even production facility closures, which can cost companies millions.


ELCA offers a turnkey solution guaranteeing rapid implementation conforming to regulations: Life Science Quality and Manufacturing (LSQM), in partnership with EMC. LSQM is preconfigured to respond to CGMP needs as well as specific requirements for electronic signatures according to regulations set out by the FDA (CFR, title 21, part 11) and EMA (EudraLex, vol. 4, annex 11). The solution is preconfigured for all types of documents, workflows, roles and metadata necessary for the implementation of good practice in the area of GMP documentation:


  • Data modelling (type of document and metadata) according to DIA recommendations
  • Simple documents (procedures, regulations, instructions, etc.) and compound documents (annual quality report, validation dossiers, production lot management)
  • Preconfigured life cycle and workflow, including collaborative document review, endorsement, distribution, controlled printing and management of document retention
  • Electronic signature (CFR, title 21, part 11, and EudraLex, vol. 4, annex 11)
  • Preset groups and roles
  • Predefined reporting and research
  • Preset taxonomies, keywords and labels


LSQM is preconfigured to respond to CGMP needs as well as specific requirements for electronic signatures according to regulations set out by the FDA (CFR, title 21, part 11) and EMA (EudraLex, vol. 4, annex 11).

Among its clients, ELCA counts businesses such as Lonza, several Swiss regional blood transfusion services, Medtronic, and Novartis. Our experience in this sector, coupled with our wide-ranging expertise with EIM and ECM issues, makes ELCA the go-to IT partner for the implementation of ECM solutions tailored to the medical and pharmaceutical industries.