Sumex Suite

The Sumex Suite is an established invoice verification solution tailored to the needs of Swiss insurance companies.

How to support Swiss health and accident insurance companies with an efficient and effective invoice verification process and implementation of strategic aspects such as digitalization strategy, process automation and cost reduction.

About Sumex Suite

ELCA developed the Sumex Suite as a SUVA technology partner. Sumex is used by a large group of customers from the accident and health insurance sectors. Sumex is used to review over 20 million invoices every year. It replaces the manual checking of paper invoices with automated, digitized processes. The system brings flexibility to the electronic checking process and enables savings of millions of francs every year, thereby reducing healthcare costs in Switzerland.

Sumex has been an established name in the electronic checking of medical expenses for many years, which is reflected in its current coverage of the Swiss market. All conventional medical care invoicing in Switzerland is supported by Sumex, both for inpatient and outpatient care. This includes tariffs such as TARMED, Swiss DRG and the newly established TARPSY tariff for psychiatric treatments. In addition to the validation of standard tariffs and regulatory rules, the Sumex Solution uses data analytics and statistical algorithms to effectively identify suspicious invoices, while maintaining the highest rate of automatization.


By assuring the highest level of software quality, true multitenancy and high processing performance, the operational costs of the Sumex Solution are very low.


The Sumex Suite is a modular solution that can be tailored to the individual needs of Swiss health and accident insurance companies.