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New Digital Technologies continue to emphasize the strategic significance of IT. As the importance of IT grows, so does its complexity, its management challenges and the importance of its governance.

We help you solve your most pressing corporate challenges, drawing on our hands-on experience built on more than 1,000 IT projects across multiple business verticals.

Take advantage of our deep proficiency and proven methodological tools. We pride ourselves on our capacity to work with the objectivity and neutrality that our strong ethical standards call for, while adapting to our clients’ culture. Here is a non-exhaustive list of some of our fields of expertise:


IT and Digital strategies

Future-proofing an IT organization has never been so challenging: Fast-evolving requests pile up as business executives struggle to harness their full digital potential, unaware of (when not insensitive to) the rising complexity of technology. With its agile approach to IT and Digital strategies, ELCA Advisory helps to align every stakeholder towards a set of common principles that view IT as a business enabler for sustainable competitiveness. From there, a roadmap is built with tangible milestones that eventually materializes into a full-fledged strategy. This strategy is understood and supported by all stakeholders, as it derives from a pragmatic and custom-based approach of your business vision and IT challenges, enriched by our experience.


Digital Transformation

The latest digital Marketing tools and platforms enable the development of new business models and the enhancement of existing ones, challenging the way we used to engage with - and nurture - customers. Are you equipped to anticipate the trends of your market? Are you capturing market sentiment towards your products and services? Are your current procedures meeting the latest technical standards? ELCA Advisory evaluates the digital maturity of your company thru the lenses of a holistic, field-tested approach, to help you identify improvement areas and strengthen your digital strategy to stay ahead of competition.


IT Assessment

The undisputable business relevance of IT is only matched by its ever-growing complexity. This complexity generates a wide array of critical risks that can have far-reaching consequences, beyond the temporary impairment of your IT operations. Our in-depth assessment provides you with an objective 360 review of your IT landscape, highlighting untapped potentials as well as exposing unidentified or insufficiently documented risks. Our assessment provides you with an exhaustive list of actionable recommendations to further optimize your IT resources while keeping risks under tighter control.


Data Governance

Data has never been more critical to secure your business performance and grow amidst fierce competition. That is assuming that your data is consistent, that it is managed in alignment to your business strategy and that it doesn’t get misused. By securing a well-designed Data Governance, you enable the creation of the necessary processes, standards and policies to become an efficient data-driven organization. To that end, we favor the adoption of an iterative approach to materialize an optimal operating framework, by leveraging and enhancing what already exists instead of starting from scratch.


Due diligence of IT

Due diligences related to carve-out, spin off or buy-out initiatives often stumble upon the value assessment of a company’s IT. The probability that investors lose money or break off negotiations reaches 50% when the extended value chain of IT has been misevaluated. Based on successful real-case testing, ELCA Advisory applies a methodology which helps assess the intrinsic value of IT. We can also quantify the effort required to close the gap, for IT operations to properly sustain targeted growth. As a trusted partner from start to finish, we also support both contracting parties with the legal and technical handover if necessary.


IT Procurement

IT Tenders are as strenuous to articulate as they are to apply to. Leveraging its extensive IT projects and consultancy experience within both the private and public sectors, ELCA Advisory can provide both bidders and callers with valuable guidance when the purchase of services or goods is subject to public tenders following WTO rules for example. We support callers throughout the entire procurement phase, from the initial transformation of requirements into measurable award criteria to the final evaluation of the bidders’ tenders. Respectively, we also help bidders formulate high-quality tenders while strictly abiding by the required procumbent rules.


Social media management & social listening

Social listening platforms (SLP) provide additional insights to measure your social media efforts, to conduct market research and to propel product innovation. ELCA Advisory helps you validate your social listening strategy and select the right platform in the light of your business needs. Our Data, Analytics and AI team can further assist you with SLP integration to your own data systems (CRM, ERP, etc.) and the setup of analytics dashboards as well.


Green IT

Digital industry generates 4% of the GHG emissions in the world and pollutes 1,7 times more than the aeronautic industry, because of the poor recycling of network, datacenters and devices (source). Technologies’ empowerment - such as 5G, AI, cloud computing, blockchain - is likely to worsen things. Leading by example, ELCA is embracing the digital ecology and can help you to reduce the environmental impact generated by your product/service lifecycle. By embracing Green IT best practices and applying them to your solutions, processes and business models, you will gain the status of an environmental player alongside your customers, while additionally saving money.

How can we help you?

Based on 50 years of experience in IT and over 1,000 projects in the Swiss market, we have designed a canvas to help you analyze the IT function in the overall context of your company. This straightforward model helps you to quickly gain the broad vision and deep insights that are necessary to align Business and IT in organization-wide initiatives such as Digital Transformation, Technology-driven innovations and Lean-Agile adoption.

To learn more about this powerful tool, download our whitepaper (no registration required). To receive an editable version of our ICT Advisory Canvas, simply contact us to get a PowerPoint file that you can freely use under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license, together with a print-ready A0 format for workshops.

We’re a team of 50 consultants, driven by the relentless desire to make our clients’ digital ideas a reality. We strengthen the bridges between business and IT, facilitating the use and optimization of digital technologies through our highly effective consultative approach.

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