Business Analysis

Business Analysis works with stakeholders to identify business needs, optimize processes and design a solution leveraging up-to-date digital technologies.

How can processes be reengineered or new IT systems designed to be the best fit for your organization using current digital technologies?


Business Analysis works with stakeholders to understand the organization and its needs. It assists your digital transformation by optimizing processes and designing solutions leveraging current digital technologies.


ELCA has created its own agile Business Analysis approach based on BABOK, IREB and 30 years of experience in many sectors of the economy. Our projects apply practical know-how from hundreds of IT projects, which helps us to continuously fine tune our methodology.


Our Business Analysis methodology goes beyond the IT system to take into account the organization, its processes, the information system and the transition from today to the new state. Our methodology refines the requirements in an agile, top-down approach.

  • Business Requirements focuses on the goals and the needs of management to improve parts of the organization and its processes. They answer the question "Why are we making the change?" and "How will I measure the effective change?" 
  • Stakeholder Requirements focuses on the operational stakeholders and their needs and on the process and procedures. Stakeholders are deeply involved in the fulfillment of their operational objectives, each with his/her own view on requirements’ priorities. Our methodology helps stakeholders maintain the link with business needs and operations by regular communications and effective change management.   
  • Solution Requirements focuses on what the system must do (functional requirement) and/or under which constraints the system must operate (quality requirements).
  • Transition Requirements captures what is needed to deploy the solution, implement the change and rollout the management needed to go from the current to the future state.

Our Business Analysis services cover:

  • Business process improvement.
  • Solution options evaluation studies.
  • Request for proposal management.
  • Requirements engineering.
  • Solution and system architecture design.
  • Management of solution deployment.
  • Change and transition management.