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ELCA CRM Network­Viewer

The ELCA CRM NetworkViewer provides a dynamic, graphical overview of the network of connections of a record within CRM in Dynamics 365. Easily navigate through the network to discover the connections.

A lot of data and useful information is stored in a CRM application. Thanks to the NetworkViewer you get a complete overview of the network of a contact or account and can easily discover new opportunities.

ELCA CRM Network­Viewer

The ELCA CRM NetworkViewer shows all connections of a record in any connection-enabled entity in CRM in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Information about the connection is shown directly in the graph. For example, it’s very easy to get an overview of the network of a contact, discover new opportunities and load additional connections to expand the graph by clicking on a node.


The ELCA CRM NetworkViewer has many features, including:

  • Filtering: only show the connections you want to see.
  • Automatic organization of the nodes. The nodes of the graph (i.e., the records) are organized and automatically in an optimal way. If you prefer, you can turn this off, freezing the graph and manually placing the nodes.
  • Expand the network by clicking on a node. If you want to remove a node, just right-click it.
  • Display detailed information on the right side, but also hide the sidebar to allow more space for the graph.
  • Directly open a record in CRM.
  • Customize the colors of the connections to create an even better overview.

ELCA CRM NetworkViewer is very easy to install in both on premise and cloud environments – just deploy the solution and enjoy its features. There’s a free version (no license required) with limited functionality and we’re happy to provide you with a free, full-feature license valid for 10 days. The full license costs CHF 4,900 (+ VAT). The license is valid as long as the software assurance contract lasts, which also ensures you get all updates for only CHF 980 (+ VAT) per year.