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MosaicCloud Immo

Innovative digital collaboration for owners and property service providers

Discover MosaicCloud Immo, the only digital platform in Switzerland that enables seamless collaboration for distributed mandates across multiple service providers.


MosaicCloud Immo

The MosaicCloud Immo platform brings owners and property service providers under one roof by:


  • Simplified collaboration thanks to standardised procedures and processes.
  • Creates transparency for owners and property service providers.
  • Reduces costs through optimised digital exchange.
  • Sets a Swiss standard and is seamlessly integrated with the most common Swiss property platforms.

Our solution not only provides you with a digital inbox for processing all emails and incoming mail, but also a pending system for structured workflows, a flexible process engine for predefined and customisable standard processes and an audit-proof archive for the legal filing of all documents.

IIM immo advantages owner

The advantages for owners are obvious:

  • Access to all contracts, documents and ongoing correspondence relating to a property and its tenants at any time.
  • Possibility of assigning management mandates to several property service providers who work together on one platform.
  • State-of-the-art cloud solution with the highest security standards.
Provider CloudImmo

There are also clear advantages for property service providers:

  • Complete digital processing and cost savings thanks to digital inboxes.
  • Efficient pending issues management for the daily management of all outstanding work.
  • Archiving of all documents in an audit-proof archive.
  • Team collaboration on one platform with defined processes, substitution options, etc.
  • Standardised interfaces to GaraioREM and other industry standards.

Our advanced solution is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) in the cloud on MosaicCloud. Find out how MosaicCloud Immo is shaping the future of digital collaboration in the property industry.

Marc Petralito

Client Partner

Introducing Marc Petralito, our Client Partner for MosaicCloud Immo