CRM solutions for Sales and Marketing Automation

ELCA CRM solutions for Sales and Marketing Automation build company-wide knowledge of your customers so you can automate dedicated communication activities across multiple channels.

How to automate marketing communication – optimizing the productivity and efficacy of marketing campaigns and fostering lead generation to support sales efforts?


Building up a 360° view of your customers and prospects to better process information and share it internally is the most effective way to serve your marketing and communication strategy and support your sales and marketing teams.


Gathering key information from your teams, event forms or your website and using it to improve your marketing campaign efficiency enable better targeting of your audience. Addressing them with a focused message and using the right channel at the right time you maximize the impact of your campaigns.

Our solution helps you seamlessly coordinate customer data gathering so you can use it to communicate more efficiently.

  • Form a customer-centric view by enhancing all inputs taken from your teams during customer interactions.
  • Enrich your knowledge of a customer with a collection of statistics from your website visitors, transforming them from an anonymous to an identified visitor.
  • Enable your teams to populate campaign participant lists according to their knowledge.
  • Support your brand awareness though automated marketing campaigns: according to dynamic segmenting, sequencing of events, and selected channels.

Our solution experts are supported by industry specialists and are able to suggest best practices derived from cross-domain experience.