Data & Analytics

ELCA helps organizations to leverage available information in order to improve their processes and decisions, increase understanding of customer needs and predict the future.

Today, with digitization and the Internet of things, a huge amount of data is generated every second. How to leverage it and derive value? How to scale up and eliminate noise? How to use artificial intelligence to optimize operations and predict the future? 


Thanks to our strong experience in data and analytics and a large team of experts in data science and machine learning, ELCA helps you to get a competitive edge by intelligently leveraging available data and bringing value to all your main processes, including innovation!

Data Science, machine learning and artificial intelligence

Forget the days when everything was text. Today, the real challenge is to tap into the diverse worlds of speech, images and videos. Our team of data scientists is here to help you make the most of these worlds using time-tested approaches and “the new kid on the block”: deep learning.

NLP services

Most existing digital information is formulated in natural language. ELCA’s first-class NLP experts help you to automatically analyze and understand this information and bring value to many domains, such as extending search engines with semantic intelligence, automatic controls and watch activities, and implementing intelligent chatbots and virtual agents, to name just a few.

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Chatbots and Virtual agents

Thanks to modern infrastructures and algorithms, ELCA helps implement intelligent virtual conversational agents (chatbots) and contributes to reinventing the way we will interact with machines in the future

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Data solutions architectures

Data is coming from everywhere and ever-faster. How to master this flow? How to support and process such volumes and disparity of formats? ELCA data architects will help you across the entire value chain, from designing and setting up a data strategy and a management approach, to the implementation, configuration and integration of efficient infrastructures, platforms and solutions.

Data analytics

Processing data and applying complex algorithms can only be done efficiently if they are complemented with specific and simple analytical solutions. ELCA supports your users to embrace it, analyze and understand it, make better decisions and ease communication.