With Digital Transformation enabling new consumer experiences, eCommerce is no longer a topic just for classic retailers. ELCA supports companies to build the right eCommerce platform.

Digital transformation brings more freedom to consumers and also intensifies the challenge of creating effective e-commerce customer touchpoints. Digital transformation means businesses need to be smart, fast and agile to fulfil market needs.  

Non-store retail sales growth is constantly increasing in Switzerland*. Customer journeys affect all stages of the value chain. An effective eCommerce System is not limited to a particular business type (pure B2B Player, manufacturers or retailers) or certain domains (retail, pharma, tourism, banking, insurance, industry, etc.). Digital transformation provides many opportunities to gain stronger customer insights by placing high importance on end-to-end visibility in e-commerce transaction phases, all the way from information through to after-sales service.


Many factors ensure you have an effective eCommerce System in place:

  • Alignment of Business and IT Strategy: How can IT leverage business needs and enable new business opportunities?
  • Cross-functional Data Consolidation/MDM: A data-centric approach to efficiently track and share data.
  • Right Product and Integration set-up (ERP-CRM-PIM): Integrate your business application optimally and close the gap with the right products. Conduct targeted marketing campaigns and offer the right discounts.
  • Omni-Channel/Customer Touchpoint Strategy: Find out how to reach which customers on which channels.
  • Right Infrastructure set-up (SaaS/PaaS vs. on-Premise): Find the right balance of cloud services use, allowing you to be more agile and reduce operating costs.
  • Data/Consumer Analytics: Know your customer, ensure customer loyalty.
  • UX: Use best practices in UX design to provide a great customer experience on all e-commerce transaction phases from information to fulfillment.


As one of the biggest independent Swiss IT service provider ELCA knows the Swiss market very well, and its extensive cross-domain experience helps you think out-of-the-box, moving smartly and rapidly in the online marketplace. Our experts in various fields such as CRM (Dynamics 365), Web-Frontend/Omni-Channel /E-Commerce (Magento, SiteFinity), IT Operation (SaaS /PaaS AWS and Azure, Load/Peak Protection), AI (Chatbot, NLP), IT Strategy and IT Architecture ensure your IT can leverage your eCommerce business. And with our Agile IT project methodology we finish projects on time and with short time to market. eCommerce is not limited to one domain or one business unit – but affects cross-divisional processes and so the ideal IT partner has the big picture in mind: ELCA.

* eCommerce Report FHNW (University of Applied Science Northwestern Switzerland) 2017.