Thanks to a unique energy market understanding ELCA helps energy players define their IT strategy so they can secure their strategic roadmap.

We have designed consulting services and solutions for the fast-moving energy market that help you benefit from digitization and new technologies when preparing to design your future IT environment.

ELCA’s solutions are designed to reduce an operation’s costs, improve customer interactions and meet new energy transition challenges.


The energy sector is undergoing remarkable change. Due to the digitization of processes, the roll out of smart metering and the rapid development of the IoT, data will become the main asset of utilities. This implies a change in processes and in IT systems. Developing new products and services based on data is the main challenge for utilities. Customers now expect multi-channel customer interactions and near real-time services, e.g.: alerting, consumption visualization, cost simulating, market closest price offers, … all of this is pushing traditional IT architectures and security concepts to the limit: market opportunities will be taken by those who have begun the shift at the right time and with the right solutions. 


ELCA’s DNA emerged from the energy sector. In 1968, Electro Calcul (later ELCA) developed the first computer-assisted process control for the Grande Dixence dam. Now, our wide ranging expertise, coupled with the variety of industries we cover, allow us to bring high value-added consulting and IT solutions to energy players in the spirit of a long-term relationship. In just a few years we have assisted more than 30 energy clients, covering the entire spectrum of cases and contexts found in Switzerland. We know how to define, develop and manage projects in the sector, and we also know the market.

ELCA Industry Solution

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Customer engagement for utilities

Moving to a customer-centric organization is a challenge. Based on the best CRM solutions, ELCA applies knowledge acquired in other industries that faced similar challenges and adds our energy expertise to provide a CRM solution tailored to the Swiss energy market.

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Energy transition solutions

New rules create new opportunities. Changes to the energy regulatory framework coupled with technology improvements means companies have new needs. ELCA helps companies successfully meet them.

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Energy and IT strategy consulting

The future of energy has never been so closely tied to the IT world than today. Mastering both energy and IT, ELCA provides a unique market proposition. ELCA helps customers secure the consistency of their enterprise, sales and IT strategies and ensures success in their implementation processes.

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