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How to further develop your customer engagement on all your channels in a secure, modern and innovative way.

Customers expect a democratized, personalized, unique and seamless experience with no barriers between channels. Companies must fulfill this expectation to survive a digital transformation.

About ELCA

ELCA is your 360° partner for building digital touchpoints. ELCA uniquely combines expertise on CRM, web, mobile and user experience. ELCA’s solutions respond to constantly changing customer demands and also address your security and business criticality concerns.

ELCA Industry Solution

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Omnichannel case Management

A cutting-edge case management solution that improves customer interaction processes and supports your digital transformation. It’s how to address today’s business criticality, security and data protection requirements.

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Sales and marketing automation

Expand your business with our CRM solutions for Sales and Marketing Automation. Build company-wide knowledge of your customers and leverage this data to define your sales strategy and automate personalized marketing activities over multiple channels.

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Customer touch point

Choose the right partner to guide you through the multiple challenges of creating effective digital touchpoints with your customers – from a unique user experience design through channels such as corporate website, customer portals and mobile applications, ELCA makes it work.

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