Manufacturing: The digital perspective

Machines, people and production are growing together into a high-performance package – and whoever masters the matching digital tools will remain competitive.

With digitization a new paradigm has entered the field of industrial production: communication and interaction are as crucial as the continuous flow of data, from development all the way up to after-sales service. AI, IoT, virtual and augmented reality enable new application possibilities.

Daniel Daguerre
Head of Manufacturing & Retail

Thanks to connected solutions, efficiency, productivity and quality increase in an unprecedented fashion,  opening up opportunities for new business models and improved competitiveness. With networking the demands on cyber security grow too: the risks must be managed continuously.

ELCA Industry Solution

Discover ELCA solutions for Manufacturing

Data Analytics - predictive solutions

Get more out of your data :

  • Data allocation
  • Data preparation
  • Data analysis
  • Develop predictive models

Discover our predictive solutions for manufacturing

Customer relationships

Connect with your customers and partners

  • CRM
  • Offer/calculation configurations
  • Digital platforms and service portals
  • eCommerce
  • Omnichannel

eCommerce and Service Portals

CRM Success Story Hamilton Medical

Omnichannel Success Story SwissPass

Data Management Strategy

Data as the basis for your digital business

  • Master Data Management
  • ECM with AI
  • ERP

Success Story ECM

Cloud & Security

Secure storage of your data

  • Data storage in the cloud
  • Data protection and access control
  • Compliance with the latest data protection guidelines
  • Consulting for Cloud and Security Strategy
  • ELCA Cloud and hybrid models (Azure, Amazon)

Processes and Collaboration

Optimize your business processes and accelerate collaboration

  • Business and IT Process Automation
  • Process optimization
  • Modern Workplace

Success Story Process Optimisation Certas

Maintenance 4.0

Improving machine uptime is critical to being competitive and profitable in manufacturing. ELCA proposes certified consultants to integrate Carl Software solutions and increase your maintenance efficiency, extend availability and life duration of your equipment, and reduce issues linked to outages.

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Application modernization

Enhance your legacy IT with the newest technologies – ELCA accompanies you all the way from the initial assessment and modernization strategy recommendation to the delivery of your new system.

Modern applications – the foundations for a successful future


ELCA can support your business to assess and to optimize your digital commerce and distribution channels to serve better your customers to find the right product / service at the right time with state-of-the-art user experience:

  • Find the right level of digitization of your B2C and B2B commerce channels to reduce operational costs
  • Enrich your existing channels and customer portals with new services like chat functionalities (Bot or Human) or AI based advisories to outdo your competitors.
  • Use Customer Analytics and AI to address them effectively and increase your sales.

Discover our e-commerce solutions

Contact: Daniel Daguerre

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