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Advanced solutions for implementing outstanding seamless experiences

Implementing a seamless experience in heavily decoupled frontend systems is not an easy task.

Companies are constantly faced to new challenges and obstacles that slow down the delivery process and that prevent reaching the needed quality.

For instance, high frontend fragmentation in omni-channels systems imposes us to carefully design our products in order to be able to embed the same business capabilities’ user interfaces in different devices. In fact, poorly designed solutions won’t allow such interoperability, forcing us to implement and, especially, maintain the same frontend multiple times.


Additionally, in such distributed setups the delivery processes are highly coupled reducing drastically the overall agility of the shipping process. More modern and sophisticated architectures, such as micro frontends, take these requirements into consideration from their earliest stages, ensuring that the same chunk of user interface can be smoothly consumed on different targets and independently released.


When working with multiple teams, ensuring a visual consistency in order to provide a cohesive experience becomes a new challenge. For example, when implementing a common layer of components, we are usually faced with problems such as fragmentation, complexity and performance. The implementation of a design system associated with a well-defined governance and components architecture allow us to maintain this process under control, finding the perfect balance between a constrained or flexible solution.


Finally, the volatility of libraries and frameworks in the web development field makes hard to constantly stay up to date with the latest technologies and trends, risking to decade quickly into legacy code bases that are difficult to maintain and evolve. In this context, being able to incrementally migrate your user interfaces to a new technology is a significant advantage, avoiding dealing with massive and complex rewrites of all your applications at once.


At ELCA we are constantly investigating new solutions and architectures for overtaking such kind of challenges. We are actively working with micro frontends architectures, static pre-rendering strategies, isomorphic applications and much more in order to being able to always propose the solutions that best fit our clients requirements and needs.

Dario Poggiali

Senior Architect

Dario Poggiali, our Senior Architect