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Kino Event Basel 2023

Cinema Event Basel 2023

Basel Stadtkino

September 19, 2023 - September 19, 2023

13:30 - 18:00

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Learn more about Big Data and Cyber Security thanks to ELCA. Experienced specialists from the University of Basel, AWS, Migros, Microsoft, Valuu Postfinance, Illumio, Swisscom and Hoxhunt unpack!

A captivating event awaits you at Stadtkino Basel next to the Tinguely fountain, where you will gain exclusive insights into the world of Big Data, Cloud and Cybersecurity. Immerse yourself in these fascinating topics and gain valuable insights, as well as practical tips to take your business to the next level.


Looking forward to your participation:

Fabio Torrisi - Group Chief Data Officer, Head Analytics | Migros Genossenschaft
Heiko Schuldt - Professor of Computer Science | University of Basel
Claudio Mirti - Senior Advanced Analytics & AI Specialist EMEA (Global Black Belt) | Microsoft Switzerland
René Eggenschwiler - Chief Technology and Information Officer Platform Business Valuu | Postfinance
Christoph Schnidrig - Head of Technology | AWS Switzerland
Alex Goller - Senior Systems Engineer | Illumio
Marcus Beyer - Security Awareness Officer | Swisscom


Agenda Kino EN5

Lessons Learned from Building Recommender Systems at Migros

Fabio Torrisi

At Migros, Switzerland's leading supermarket, customers from around three million households collect points with their Cumulus card and receive personalized discount vouchers by mail, e-mail, or in the Migros app. Migros has developed its own recommendation systems to personalize these Cumulus discounts and other web content with customer-specific products. Developing an effective recommender system is a complex task that requires a combination of skills, including data engineering, machine learning, and domain knowledge. In this talk, we will share important lessons learned from our experience building recommendation systems for Migros customers.


Listening to the customer is good - verifying behavior with data is better

René Eggenschwiler

Again and again we hear about User Centric Design and Customer Journey Development: "Ask the customer as often as possible", "Test prototypes with users and learn from the feedback". From experience we can say: "do this only conditionally". We are happy to share a few of these experiences. Listening to the customer is good - verifying behavior with data is better. The customer/user often doesn't know what he wants, focuses on the wrong things or misjudges his behavior. With (big)data-based behavioral analysis of users/customers, we were able to improve Valuu, increase our conversion rates and thus close more deals.


Advanced Analytics and AI quo vadis?

Claudio Mirti

The topic of "Generative AI" has made an outwardly visible technological leap. Almost everyone has had the opportunity to look at OpenAI. Along with that comes dashboards, applications, different systems, and the provision of clean and well-managed data. Now that we are entering a new era, the opportunities to combine structured as well as unstructured information and derive new insights from it also follow. Let's get into "Data analytics for the era of AI".


What cyber security can learn from the Secret Service

Alex Goller

It's easy to penetrate networks because an attacker only has to be right once. But once inside, every step should put them at risk. Unfortunately, this is not the case today. Intruders have long been in the DNC and OPM, and the Yahoo hack of 2013 went undetected for a long time. We've tried to move our defenses inside, but it's not enough. The Secret Service shows how it's done: it's easy to jump the White House fence, but nearly impossible to go undetected inside. Their strategy could revolutionize cybersecurity. This talk will explore how their approach can help us.


Security availability and reliability in the cloud

Christoph Schnidrig

Explore the cornerstones of cloud security, availability, and reliability at AWS. We highlight the Amazon Nitro system, which powers server virtualization and takes security to a new level. Learn how multiple Availability Zones make customer workloads highly available and resilient, and gain insights into the inner workings of AWS.


Mitarbeitende as a Human Firewall?

Marcus Beyer

There is certainly no need to stress any more that cybersecurity is one of the most important topics in organizations and companies and that a strong security culture must be an indispensable part of the protective measures. Employees are the most important link in the security chain in the fight against cybercrime. But how do I manage to establish the right communication and training measures to motivate and carry employees along in this task? Does phishing training help to keep eyes and minds alert here?


Big Data in research: managing and searching big data 

Heiko Schuldt

Big Data poses great challenges to the systems used to manage large and mostly heterogeneous data sets. Existing database solutions do not have the necessary flexibility to deal effectively and efficiently with different data models. The same applies to searching in large amounts of data: with the increasing complexity of data, the demands on the search queries to be supported also increase. The lecture presents two novel systems developed at the University of Basel that have successfully found their way into practice.

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