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ELCA implements the CRM of the electricity supplier OIKEN SA

Through the Core Model Energy, ELCA implements the CRM of the largest electricity supplier in Valais

OIKEN is the largest distribution network operator in the Valais and is active in 24 communes, supplying electricity, gas, water and multimedia. The company offers its 170,000 end customers integrated, sustainable energy solutions. To improve customer management, the company is now relying on ELCA's Core Model Energy solution.

More specifically, thanks to ELCA's Core Model Energy, OIKEN will benefit from :


  • A 360°, all-round view of the customer's fluids.
  • An automated offer generation for each fluid.
  • A centralized solution for customer service and request management.
  • A solution for scheduling on-site technical interventions.
  • An advanced management of multi-channel marketing campaigns.

"Through the collaboration with our company, OIKEN benefits from our experience in customer relationship management solutions in the energy sector. Our approach and flexible offering is adapted to all types of companies. Through our Core Model Energie solution, OIKEN aims to improve the management of their customers' data." 

Jean-David Albou

Head of ELCA's Energy Division

Jean-David Albou

Head of Energy

Contact Jean-David Albou, Head of Energy at ELCA