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ELCA supports Allianz Suisse tied agent channel

A real-time lead nurturing solution

Lead nurturing is a key challenge for insurance companies like Allianz. However, Allianz knows that this process can use up a lot more time than necessary. In fact, once an interest form has been filled out it could still take days for an advisor to get in touch with the potential customer. This is what the Lead4You project set out to improve.

The goal was to create a mobile app that allowed advisors to contact a potential customer in just minutes, instead of hours or even days, after submitting their interest form, therefore increasing the conversion rate from Leads to customer substantially. To achieve this, ELCA provided a team of senior experts to develop the mobile app and the needed backend for the new Lead4You solution as requested by our customer, Allianz.


ELCA’s team was heavily involved and supported the customer not only in terms of frontend and backend development, but also in the field of architecture, business analysis, as well as DevOps topics. The solution provided by ELCA was integrated into Allianz’s IT environment including its core business application. For Allianz, it was the first time that a partner was able to develop middleware within Allianz' IT landscape. To do so, ELCA’s team was given access to environments and systems normally reserved for exclusive use by Allianz developers and followed internal processes of Allianz. The agile scrum approach allowed ELCA to provide a solution which enabled the app to go live in November 2021 after just few months of development.

I personally enjoyed working with the experts from ELCA and discussing the solutions with them very much. It was a huge challenge. ELCA accepted it and the application actually exceeds our business expectations.

Andrea Schneider

Chief IT Architect, Allianz Suisse

Marco Pavoni, who was responsible for the Lead4You project at Allianz, also praised ELCA for delivering an improved user experience due to the very rapid response time created by Lead4You and introducing a new modern sales solution, which actually made Allianz' KPI number of leads overperform by 15% in respect to business case.

Today, due to the Lead4You mobile app, there is a new process in place once a potential client enters their data into a contact form. The new solution extracts the information from Allianz’ core system and uses a logical process to assign an advisor based on some criteria like the potential customer’s language preference and the region of living.

The mobile app sends the advisor a push notification which allows the advisor to quickly and directly contact the new lead. This call is handled via Allianz’ internal telephone system. If an advisor fails to respond, the lead is automatically transferred, through Lead4You, to another advisor that fulfils the same criteria. Once the initial contact is concluded, several details are directly fed into Allianz’s core system to be used in, for example, commission calculation.


ELCA’s solution enabled Allianz to improve their sales process on several different levels. Before Lead4You, Allianz lacked a real time lead generation and nurturing tool. This translated directly into lost market potential, as customers would become frustrated and consider turning to other insurance companies if the wait was too long between the contact request and the call back.


After the implementation of Lead4You, however, the conversion rate from the filled in contact form to an actual phone call with an advisor, could be substantially increased. Customers were positively surprised by the real-time leads and speed of the responses; the average call back time is just few minutes.

Werner Rose-Line

Lead Manager

Werner Rose-Line, our Lead Manager at ELCA Engineering