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Empowering GEAK with Data Insight

ELCA’s Smart Data Lake Builder Shaping Future-Ready Data Platform Architecture

Unlocking the true potential of data is crucial for any business, and for GEAK, the challenge comprised harnessing valuable insights buried within their main business application. ELCA’s Smart Data Lake Builder QuickStart emerged as a transformative solution, addressing immediate reporting issues and modernizing GEAK's approach to data analytics with a focus on robust data platform architecture.

Creating flexibility for GEAK by unraveling quarterly reporting chains / static reports


GEAK, the standardized Swiss cantonal building energy certificate is a key player in building renovation decisions. The company faced limitations in utilizing valuable insights from their main business application. Static, third-party quarterly reports were costly, lacked functionality for explorative analytics, and covered only the last three years of data. 



ELCA’s Seamless Integration of Multiple Data Sources for GEAK


ELCA set up the needed infrastructure on Microsoft Azure, with Databricks, proposing a Smart Data Lake QuickStart tailored to GEAK's needs. This data platform architecture enabled the team to seamlessly integrate new data sources, efficiently create data pipelines and replacing static reports with a dynamic Power BI dashboard. Given this gained flexibility, updated figures can be requested on demand and reports can be easily adapted, overcoming the limitations of static reports.


Data pipelines are implemented using ELCA’s innovative open-source solution “Smart Data Lake Builder”. With the solution now in production, GEAK is one of our customers fully committed to using Smart Data Lake Builder in future data use cases.


With the Smart Data Lake fully operational, daily insights became instantly accessible, eliminating the wait for quarterly reports. GEAK's flexibility to ingest new data sources expanded, enabling explorative analytics beyond the previous three-year limitation. The scalable Databricks on Azure architecture ensures readiness for future use cases.

"The Smart Data Lake has paved the way for us to take data-driven decisions and perform efficient data analysis. The data infrastructure has been built, integrating and harmonizing data from different sources. This allows us to efficiently process large amounts of data and quickly gain meaningful insights."

Samuel Lagresle

Head of IT

ELCA’s Smart Data Lake Builder QuickStart not only addressed GEAK's immediate reporting challenges, but laid the foundation for a flexible, scalable, and future-ready data analytics platform. This success story exemplifies the power of collaboration between GEAK and ELCA in harnessing technology for efficient, impactful solutions in the realm of data platform architecture.

Marc Petralito

Client Partner

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