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Frontend Architectures and UI engineering

Raising the bar of your services' access points.

User interfaces play an essential role in your cloud strategy: they are the entry point of your infrastructure and therefore they bear a heavy responsibility for the success of your services.

  • Bad UIs can have severe or even drastic impacts on your business. Client-side vulnerabilities can lead to security breaches that could compromise your system integrity and confidentiality. Inaccessible or poorly performing implementations that run only on a small set of devices can significantly decrease your system usage and adoption. Undiscoverable or unembeddable solutions will make your products less visible and therefore less competitive.
  • Good UIs, on the other hand, bring substantial benefits to your architecture. By implementing state of the art mitigation strategies, they protect your users and services from malicious actors. By loading fast and seamlessly integrating in a large number of devices, they ensure your services are always accessible from anywhere. By scoring high within search engine algorithms and by harmoniously embedding themselves in third-party website, they remain discoverable marking out their territory vis-à-vis your competitors.



At ELCA we have a strong expertise in frontend architectures and UI engineering. Thanks to our diversified technical competencies, we can ensure an extremely high level of quality in all the engineering domains that are essential to offer an outstanding total experience to your users, customers and employees.

Dario Poggiali

Senior Architect

Dario Poggiali, our Senior Architect