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Automated testing

How to transform your IT while maintaining the quality and robustness of your releases?

ELCA’s test experts apply their experience and knowledge of test automation techniques and strategies to ensure your team always delivers high-quality software.


The goals of software testing are to help deliver the right product to the market, making sure it behaves as expected, in functional and non-functional aspects (such as performance, resilience, security, usability). Testing plays an increasingly important role in the context of shorter and more frequent release cycles, demand for high availability, and a more agile development approach. Relying on traditional quality assurance methods can put a strain on the development team, as it depends on separate teams with separate agendas.

Automating tests, quality control, and basic security checks is an important step on the road to delivering a new working version of a software system at short intervals. ELCA’s test experts bring their expertise and approaches to your teams and enable them to do their daily tasks with more confidence and higher quality.


DevOps brought some of the responsibilities of operations back to the development team, enabling a more agile approach, automating tests can do the same for quality assurance. And, embracing business-oriented approaches such as Behavior-Driven Development can help teams streamline quality all the way from requirements to implementation to automated tests to delivery.

Developing and running regression tests is a good way to catch defects before they go to production. It is, however, also possible to prevent bugs at an earlier stage by running regular automatic checks on the source code for known issues or security concerns.

Tools can help define the acceptance workflow for a new feature: it is only accepted if it respects code quality standards, does not introduce new security problems, and does not break existing features.

ELCA's test experts bring profound experience in software testing, working with state-of-the-art tools and methods to test software and system components. They can help your teams in various ways, based on your specific context and needs:

  • Workshops and training courses on approaches (BDD) or tools (e.g., Selenium, Cucumber, SonarQube …) customized to your needs.
  • Tools set-up and integration into your environment.
  • Coaching and support on test automation activities.
  • Organization of non-functional tests campaign and execution (security, performance).
  • Full integration into your development team to perform the above activities and take part in test automation of your project, to achieve a completely agile methodological and tools pipeline.