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Modern Integration

Increase agility, profitability and new revenue streams with agile integration strategy.

Integrate your data and business applications as an agile platform as the foundation of your business ecosystem.

Enterprises often have so many different software applications running simultaneously, leading to complex environments that are difficult to manage efficiently and bog down processes. To face the challenges of digital transformation and increase agility and profitability, all the systems and technologies across your business ecosystem must work together as a functioning, well-oiled machine. Such a solution must focus on supporting efficient processes and the agility level required to adapt quickly to business changes.


This is where modern integration strategies come in, enabling systems to integrate business applications as a single platform serving your business needs.

Modern integration strategy

Agile integration strategy requires a variety of integration capabilities, including API management, messaging, event streams, data and application integration. Agile integration strategy also known as modern integration strategy relies on a decentralized, container-based, microservices approach to integration, to build and support the volume of integrations required and hybrid environment.


The figure above depicts the evolution from traditional application integration to agile integration.


Containerization fostered the move from a traditional, centrally provisioned and siloed, application integration to fine grained integration deployments. This change is motivated by gains in agility and scalability. On top of this evolution, a more decentralized integration ownership or organization, improve even more the innovation and agility of the enterprises with autonomous applications/business application teams.


Finally, we must not forget that without strong governance, it is difficult for companies to achieve their objectives in terms of agility, time to market, robustness and security.


Why ELCA ?

ELCA has developed an extensive expertise in modern integration strategy. This proven expertise allows us to accompany our clients in:


  • understanding modern integration strategy,
  • assessing their current situation,
  • gathering requirements,
  • selecting the appropriate platform,
  • initiating governance,
  • and implementing integrations


For a successful enterprise integration program, ELCA relies on its business (NGO, health, banking…), organizational and technological expertise. One of our most important achievements is the design and implementation of a Data Transfer Platform for a Non Governmental Organization (NGO). This platform provides with API management, messaging, event streams, data and application integration capabilities. It is build on top of Azure integration services, but our expertise is not limited to this provider and we are able to assist you with the products best suited to your context.


Dorian Rougier

Senior Architect

Dorian Rougier, our Senior Architect