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Smart Data Lake Builder

The efficient way to lay the foundations of a smarter Data Lake

Whilst building, operating and maintaining a multi-layered data architecture is usually complex and expensive, the Smart Data Lake Builder developed by ELCA helps you save up to 50% of its usual implementation and maintenance cost.

Building a Smart Data Lake unleashes the true power of modern Analytics Platforms. It enables the extraction of meaningful insights in support of key decision-making processes driven by data consumers, data scientists and analysts. It also feeds into key applications within your organization.

Classical vs Smart Data Lakes

Classical Data Lakes are often reduced to basic but cheap raw data storage, neglecting significant aspects like transformation, data quality and security. These topics are left to data scientists, who end up spending up to 80% of their time acquiring, understanding and cleaning data before they can start using their core competencies.

In addition, classical Data Lakes are often implemented by separate departments using different standards and tools, which makes it harder to implement comprehensive analytical use cases.

Smart Data Lakes solve these various issues by providing architectural and methodical guidelines, together with an efficient tool to build a strong high-quality data foundation.

Key benefits of Smart Data Lake Builder

The Smart Data Lake Builder leverages metadata and automation to reduce complexity and generate significant savings over implementation and maintenance:

  • Significant savings (30 to 50%) on data lake implementation, operation and maintenance
  • Faster & cost-effective implementation of new analytical apps
  • Increased productivity of data scientists and improved self-service for data consumers
  • Higher clarity of data structure and origin
  • No binding to any platform or vendor

What’s a Smart Data Lake made of?

Smart Data Lakes are at the core of any modern analytics platform. Their structure easily integrates prevalent Data Science tools and open source technologies, as well as AI and ML. Their storage is cheap and scalable, supporting both unstructured data and complex data structures.

Smart Data Lakes’ underlying technologies are scalable horizontally. They can thus be leveraged to adjust performance on demand and steadily grow in support of your business.