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Extended Reality - XR

Provide efficient working tools to your employees and amaze your clients with the integration of your services into their environment

With Extended Reality the physical world gains a new layer of meaningful interaction that is digitally connected and improves work quality. Augmented and Mixed Reality merge the real world with digital information. Context based, convenient - where you need it most. Virtual Reality enables access to digital worlds with limitless possibilities to create, experiment and evaluate.

With a strong background in realizing projects for our clients, we have a broad understanding of your challenges. We apply XR technology in unique solutions to those areas of life and work, which profit from a convenient, context-based access to digital data, which isn't possible where a screen and the physical world are separate. Our specialists accompany you to determine the right technology and shape your ideas into concepts that work - now and in future.

To achieve your goals with the quality we strive for, we rely on the following building blocks:


  • Shaping your vision
  • Identify future trends in AR, MR and VR, that will benefit your solution
  • User research and needs analysis
  • Understanding the solution as part of an overall ecosystem
  • Evaluation of the right technology
  • Development with focus on the user and new interaction paradigms
  • Transparent project management
  • Training with focus on your solution
  • We complement our comprehensive offer with catching motivation, ambition and passion about the future of XR.

Work with us to make your vision reality!

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