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ECMIS provides command and control personnel with a powerful set of tools that enables them to collaborate with different organisations and share and record critical information during the planning, response and recovery phase of a major incident.

How do you manage a major incident or crisis when the usual support structures are not available? In the event of an unexpected public security threat, where reliable information is scant, an efficient collaborative tool is essential to assist decision-making.


Built-in rules of engagement

Decision-making processes (laid down and field-tested by the military) covering the planning, evaluation and control of a situation are, in principle, well understood by members of the civilian emergency services. We have streamlined these and made them an integral part of ECMIS.

An overview of the situation

The Dashboard is the system entry point, providing an overview of the current situation. By displaying all the relevant information, it facilitates decision-making.

  • A record of all previous data collected.
  • A list of all tasks and emergency measures in hand and planned.
  • The internal and external schedule of events.
  • The current state of planning and execution procedures.
  • A breakdown of actions within each document that has been produced.
  • A geographical overview of the situation clearly showing the location of all the associated assets.


State-of-the-art geographical mapping tool kits complete with activity log integration.

These tool kits build on the ECMIS base modules to ensure operational accuracy. The application is highly visual, with online mapping tools (GIS and ArcGIS), image layering, and the ability to pinpoint events and records.

A powerful search engine

From another perspective, the search engine offers users a powerful, intuitive tool to locate a piece of information or a specific document from amongst the mass of data in the system.

A simple, efficient document management system

An easy-to-use, intuitive system that brings standard office applications (MS Office, Acrobat Reader) together with different supporting modules (messaging, mapping, etc.), ensuring that all resources involved work smoothly together.