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Retail: Know your customers!

Anytime, anywhere and highly personalized: digitization offers retail businesses numerous opportunities to interact with customers in a precisely targeted way.

In today's business landscape, understanding customer behavior is crucial for building strong relationships. Digitization allows companies to connect with customers across various channels and analyze their behavior continuously. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) enables predicting customers' next orders and engaging with them effectively.

Personalizing offers and processes is essential for fostering customer loyalty, supported by customer relationship management (CRM) systems. With AI, companies can utilize vast amounts of data from internal systems and external sources to adopt customer-centric strategies.

Big Data and Business Intelligence have already proven successful in refining customer segments and predicting their needs, freeing up personnel from routine tasks. While new technologies like AI expand marketers' capabilities, trust remains paramount in maintaining successful relationships. Prioritizing data protection and cybersecurity is crucial.

By intelligently combining new technologies with existing tools and processes, companies can better understand their customers' needs and anticipate the best moments to offer targeted deals or promotions, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

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ELCA can support your business to assess and to optimize your digital commerce and distribution channels to serve better your customers to find the right product / service at the right time with state-of-the-art user experience:

  • Find the right level of digitization of your B2C and B2B commerce channels to reduce operational costs
  • Enrich your existing channels and customer portals with new services like chat functionalities (Bot or Human) or AI based advisories to outdo your competitors.
  • Use Customer Analytics and AI to address them effectively and increase your sales.
The opportunities of Open Banking

Customer engagement

Moving to a customer-centric organization is a challenge. Based on the best CRM solutions, ELCA applies knowledge acquired in other industries that faced similar challenges and adds our retail expertise to provide a CRM solution tailored to the Swiss market.


Customer touch point

Choose the right partner to guide you through the multiple challenges of creating effective digital touchpoints with your customers – from a unique user experience design through channels such as corporate website, customer portals and mobile applications, ELCA makes it work.


Omnichannel Architecture

ELCA provides a strategic framework for Internet-facing systems, such as online retail applications, cyber administration portals, e-banking platforms, and customer extranets.


Omnichannel case Management

A cutting-edge case management solution that improves customer interaction processes and supports your digital transformation. It’s how to address today’s business criticality, security and data protection requirements.

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Daniel Daguerre

Head of Manufacturing & Retail

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