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Agile Project

For 50 years ELCA has continuously improved how we develop software or integrate products. To benefit from agile practices, we designed a proprietary agile project management framework: Agile IT

How does ELCA always bring the highest value to our client? We tailor our way of working according to project context, client methodology, organization and level of digital innovation. 

AgileIT is a methodological framework that adapts to the project context and optimizes organization and involvement according to our customers’ specific requirements:

  • It draws its inspiration from SCRUM and derives maximum benefit from the advantages of the most advanced agile methods.
  • It is compatible with each project context and for each of our customers.
  • It creates uniform methodological terminology and one single coherent set of project management tools.

It is based on two pillars: a division into three phases of varying duration and a backlog.

The three phases:

  • An Elaboration phase to allow general specifications to be established and follow-up to be prepared (assessed, planned).
  • A Construction phase, split into incremental Sprints (cycles of three to six weeks).
  • A Transition phase finalizing the work before production start-up (acceptance, training, data migration, etc.).

A Backlog: list (not fixed) of the functionalities requested and prioritized, detailed according to their respective complexities.


Based on the AgileIT methodological framework, it is possible to define an approach for each project that optimizes the agility required by context, innovation level and customer project management method. To do this, we proceed in 3 steps:

  • Analyze the agility requirements – agility is not an end in itself but a mean to achieve project objectives.
  • Define a methodological framework – a single method facilitates training, allows experience to be capitalized on, assures quality and lowers risks.
  • Determine representative examples for the project – to cover the need for agility in a given project in an optimum way, it must be possible to adapt the methodology quickly and easily.