The digital link between citizens and government must be easy to use and trustworthy.

Digital solutions are essential to offering services, simplifying administration and securing the processes. Within a defined and fixed budget, many new processes need to be digitized and existing ones maintained or modernized. 


ELCA is your local expert partner to build the cyber-administration of tomorrow. ELCA brings several years of expertise in the public sector, developing best-of-breed, proven approaches to modernize a system or digitize a process. We know how to secure eGovernment systems and can propose secured cloud or blockchain solutions. We prepare the ground for digital transformation.

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eGovernment Portal

Government Portal digitizes government processes to offer citizens the most easy to use, reliable, high-performance and secure solution. ELCA’s talents bring experience and expertise to all stages of a project to elaborate the best solution.

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Public administration is on its way to digitization via cyber administration, the mobility of its employees, conversion of paper processes… and now must be prepared for the next set of disruptive transformations (e.g., Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, etc.)

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