Transform your IT

In today's digitally-driven economy, IT ceases to be a passive support of the enterprise, and must become the engine of business innovation and transformation.

How do you deliver the agility and innovation that business stakeholders demand, while maintaining the stability, security and efficiency of a complex operating environment?


ELCA is not only a leading developer of state-of-the-art solutions, but also the operator of a fully-fledged private cloud. With over 2,000 VMs and multiple continuous-integration pipelines, a strong DevOps culture is in our DNA.

ELCA Industry Solution

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IT modernization

Enhance your legacy IT with the newest technologies – ELCA accompanies you all the way from the initial assessment and modernization strategy recommendation to the delivery of your new system.

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Omnichannel Architecture

ELCA provides a strategic framework for Internet-facing systems, such as online retail applications, cyber administration portals, e-banking platforms, and customer extranets.

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Cloud Architecture

ELCA provides guidance throughout the entire process of moving to the cloud. We help you with the analysis, selection, integration and operation of applications on various cloud and hybrid platforms.

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DevOps & Continuous deployment

ELCA can help you set up a modern Software Factory. By combining automated testing with continuous integration and deployment, our DevOps experts help you reap the benefits of agile methodologies.

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