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Health data analysis (Internship)


An ever-increasing amount of personal health data is collected through our mobile devices, fitness trackers or as part of our medical visits. That data is often stored in different formats and distributed across multiple locations. Furthermore, the use of such data needs to comply with national and international regulations, which may require the explicit consent of the concerned individuals.

This trove of data could provide valuable insights that highlight underlying patterns and trends, and thus support diagnostics and therapies.

In this role

Identify and classify health data sources by their relevance and quality, how those data sources could be read and normalized for further use by applying readily available standards of the healthcare industry, whilst being fully compliant with legal and industry prescriptions and best practices.

Devise algorithms using AI tools / techniques to analyze the health data to discover relevant patterns that could be used to assist in the diagnostics (blood pressure, heart beat rate, weight, etc.) and treatment.

Ce que nous proposons

Join our team as intern and you will find a young, dynamic and culturally diverse working environment.

About your profile

We expect the successful intern to have the following skills:

  • Familiar with the processes in healthcare, in particular diagnostics
  • Understanding of common industry standards (IHE, SnoMed LOINC, etc.)
  • Knowledge of AI concept and tools
  • Knowledge with data analytics
  • Software engineering skills in Java or .NET environment
  • English required.

If you are INTERESTED in applying for this position, please send us your complete application (CV, cover letter, letter of reference, diplomas and certificates).