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ELCA is the single source for the complete spectrum of IT services: our team develops and implements effective solutions at the interface of business and technology that deliver concrete added value.

IT Business

We help formulate coherent IT strategies and architectures based on our technological and business know-how.


We provide “Haute Couture” IT: tailor-made to your needs, your organisation and your users.


We integrate solutions based on leading technologies to make your business processes more efficient and productive.

Technical Competencies

We master most of the state-of-the-art technologies to make your projects happen.

Transversal Competencies

We offer you a wide range of competencies across all project stages underlying the success of your projects.

Vertical Solutions

We develop solutions for leading organisations across a wide range of business sectors.


We believe there is no need to reinvent the wheel each time. Good solutions deserve to be reused and shared to add value.
From Consulting to Application Management, from junior to senior, from Geneva to Zurich - ELCA offers interesting career opportunities. Have a look at our open positions !


We provide tailor-made and standard industry-specific solutions to more than 1’000 customers over the last decade.

Information technology is now indispensable to banks and it is the key to maintaining competitiveness. In addition to investments in core banking systems, a significant portion of a bank’s IT budget is now spent on compliance, on improving infrastructure and on security. One of the most important success factors in banking industry is good customer service, and to this end, banking advisers need quick access to all the important information and data on customers and their accounts (KYC). Other trends in the sector include process automation and the transition from paper to purely electronic processing. Meanwhile, as the IT challenges become ever more complex, there is increasing pressure on costs, so the sector is juggling conflicting priorities.

The banking and financial sector is one of the most important activity area of services provided by ELCA. From business analysis to implementation and maintenance, ELCA provides high quality services and solutions that help our customer to be more efficient and competitive.

Moreover, ELCA has developed products and vertical solutions to address the challenges facing the financial sector that have been proved successful in the market. Some examples are:

  • Management and customer reporting
  • Risk management and fraud detection (AML, market abuse, etc.)
  • Customer relationship management solutions
  • eDossier solutions (e.g. for credit processes)
  • Digital mailrooms
  • Authorization of financial transactions for Intranet and Internet portals via Smartphone.
  • Etc.

Our customers include Raiffeisen, Postfinance, UBS, the SIX Group, and several private banks and Swiss cantonal banks.

Insurance companies need to adapt constantly to new social, political and economic conditions, and these changes result in new challenges for IT. Issues on the agenda in recent years have included document management and electronic archiving, optimisation of performance and claims processing, and in general, internal cost reduction. Today, while maintaining the  objective to reduce costs,  the focus is first on process optimisation to improve customer service; second on system modernisation to speed up new product launches; and third on digital, multi-channel distribution of products to generate revenue growth by selectively acquiring and retaining customers.

ELCA addresses the insurance industry’s new challenges with the modernisation and replacement of back-office systems using our extensive functional and technical expertise and strong methodology. Our standard solution, iPension, has become well established among our life insurance and pension fund customers. 

Other innovative approaches from ELCA have been greatly expanded for the benefit of health and accident insurers. These include: CRM solutions with a 360° customer overview for comprehensive and efficient customer care; customer related eDossiers; and the SUMEXII Suite for automated invoice verification and document processing.

ELCA’s insurance sector customers include Assura, Allianz Suisse Versicherung , AXA Winterthur, Basler Versicherungen /Bâloise, Concordia, Helsana, Helvetia Versicherungen, HOTELA, Die Mobiliar, Retraites Poplulaires, Sanitas, SUVA, Swiss Life, Swiss Re, Uniqa, Vaudoise Assurances and Zurich Versicherungen.


“In collaboration with ELCA, we have developed a modular management platform for insurance and forecasting. The administrative management platform with Extranet allows us to respond to the needs of our customers better, and with greater efficiency.” - Claude Richard, Director General of Retraites Populaires ( 2013)


With the Sumex OCR (Optical Character Recognition) product, SUVA and ELCA have been able to develop a very efficient and effective tool in a short time, that simplifies and significantly speeds up the capture of non-structured data. Once again, their high level of professionalism and the quality of their work has confirmed that ELCA is the right partner for us.”- Rolf Schmidiger, Management team,  Strategy and Portfolio Manager, SUVA

The health sector has been in transition for years. Patients are becoming better and better informed and digitally connected, which has increased the expectations they have of doctors and the entire system. At the same time, the health care sector is under pressure to control rising costs. To this end, the case-based tariff system (SwissDRG) has been introduced for in-patient treatments. Working together with SUVA, ELCA developed DRG-Expert, a web solution that helps insurance professionals with invoice verification. Subsequently, Sumex DRG Box was developed to allow screening of all DRG invoices with a fraud detection function. An independent examining doctor can then check suspicious invoices in detail.

Another important issue in health care is the federal government’s e-health strategy. In the future, patient data will be made available electronically and it is expected that improvements in patient care and in research will be achieved by the provision of more correlative information. The development of electronic patient dossiers is one answer to this trend, and ELCA under contract from Swiss Post created the first Swiss electronic patient record (EHR) platform “vivates” ( in Canton Geneva, which is fully IHE compliant. Automatic transfer of electronic documents between health professionals and mobile access help improving productivity. Solutions supporting homecare are also becoming more and more important as the number of patients grows steadily while health resources are limited.

Health insurance companies are also interested in designing more efficient internal processes and in supporting them with modern IT solutions. In recent years ELCA was commissioned by Sanitas and Helsana to implement comprehensive and fully integrated document management systems. At Zurich’s University Hospital, ELCA installed one of the biggest Intranets in Switzerland. More than 7000 people are now using this cutting-edge system.

Our health care customers include Aide et soins à Domicile – AVASAD, Allianz Suisse, AO Foundation, Association ARCOS, Assura, Atupri, Blutspendedienst SRK Bern, Blutspendedienst SRK St.Gallen, Blutspendedienst SRK Vaud, Bundesamt für Gesundheit –BAG), Centris, Concordia, Cobedix, E-Health Switzerland, Canton of Geneva, EGK Gesundheitskasse, Federal Health Department, Galenos, Health Departement Geneva, Health Departement Vaud, Health Departement Zurich, Health Networks Vaud, Helsana, Hospital Association Vaud – FHV, Hospital Fribourg, IMAD – Geneva, Inselspital Bern, Innova, Kantonsorgan Bund, Koordinationsorgan Bund – Kantone, Klug, KPT (+Publisana), Kolping, Provita, Policlinique Médicale Universitaire Lausanne, Sanitas, Secon, Spital Thun Simmental – STS, Supra, SUVA, Swica, Sympany, The Global Fund, Uniqa, University Hospital Geneva, University Hospital of Basel, University Hospital of Zurich (USZ), University Hospital Vaud – CHUV, Vita Surselva, Vivates - Swiss Post, Zur Rose, ...

One of the challenges to the public sector is the number of new duties that they must address, while at the same time, their budgets are being restricted. As the government and public sector administrators try to optimise their internal processes and their communications with people and businesses, eGovernment is an important theme in the public sector. e-counters are designed to reduce demands on officials and make it easier for people to do such things as ordering identity cards, apply for benefits, etc. The public sector is also making increasing use of Smartphones as a means of communicating with its stakeholders and bringing it closer to the public.

Other important topics that currently preoccupy the authorities include “open government data” and the storage and use of geographical data.

Many of the systems used in public administration have been in use for several years. As requirements and technology change quickly, there is an on-going need for modernisation of old applications so that they can manage higher volumes of data and new legal requirements, and be able to process electronic data and documents efficiently and cost-effectively.  

In recent years, ELCA has completed numerous projects for various government departments, the army, cantonal authorities and international organisations. From our years of working with them, we know how the public sector works and we understand the special challenges it faces.

ELCA has also developed many tailor-made applications, including mobile versions, and often with a special focus on security. Our projects for the public sector have included tax solutions, registration solutions, and many individual business- and specific eGov solutions. and have often involved various applications for document management, record management, archiving and eDossiers.

ELCA provides consultancy services to customers in all areas of competency, including Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), requirements management, IT strategy, project management and controlling, individual development and testing etc.

ELCA is an active member of the eCH organisation, which is responsible for the definition of Swiss eGovernment standards.

Our customers include the federal government, various government departments, and cantonal and city authorities.

Faced with having to manage increasingly complex situations and operations, the armed forces have to rely on IT systems that are up to the job.

ELCA, as a well-established company based in Switzerland, has successfully developed and maintained relations with the defence department since the 1980s. Our company has been a pioneer in several initiatives to digitize military processes.

As a company with a broad customer base, ELCA has successfully implemented best practices in the field for the Swiss army.

More than ten systems are either in operation or in the course of being developed in fields such as:

  • Exploration and surveillance systems
  • Control systems
  • Logistics
  • Cybersecurity

Out of our five hundred employees based in Switzerland, more than three hundred qualified engineers have clearance up to “SECRET” level. Furthermore, our solid footing in the militia system gives us an excellent understanding of the specific system of our armed forces.

In order to ensure the success of our military projects, our teams work as closely as possible with the end users, speaking the same language, experiencing the same difficulties and understanding their needs.

Today mobility is a key driver in the day to day activities of the resources of International Organizations operating on the five continents. Accessing centralized data from anywhere with any device helps them to take right decisions and execute their missions in the field.

In the meantime, their headquarters use operational dashboards and monitoring tools enabling senior and middle management in budget, means and tools and resources allocation to the working forces.

To support these challenges, ELCA develops reliable, innovative and tailor-made technology solutions for a complete functional coverage in order to address the daily challenges of the humanitarian sector. Several examples are CRM solutions, intra- / extranet portals, websites, and the automation of internal administrative and financial processes speeding up transactions.

Our customers include among others the International Committee of the Red Cross, UNHCR, Médecins Sans Frontières and The Global Fund.

The principal task of a public transport system is to ensure that goods and people can move around effectively and efficiently. Liberalisation, infrastructure bottlenecks and new technologies, combined with increasing transport volumes and frequencies, are just a few of the challenges that the transport industry has to address.

On top of this come the ever increasing demands of customers in respect of on-line purchasing and customer information – via all channels, of course – and new concepts. For example, in Switzerland the current discussions take place under the title “ÖV Zukunft” (Future public transport) and cover topics such as the public transport card and the future pricing system in Switzerland (called the ZPS). These topics also influence the current sales and distribution systems, which have to be adapted and renewed.

Tailor-made and reliable IT systems and solutions are required for these challenges, which make provision for both for what consumers want and the cost-related pressures on business. They may be used to control customer flows or develop tariff models. In this sector there are many complex and business-critical IT applications and systems.

ELCA offers the transport industry comprehensive industry knowledge combined with in-depth technological IT expertise, ranging from consulting and concept design to implementation, operation and maintenance.

  • IT consulting: Strategic technological consultancy, IT architectures
  • Distribution solutions: Reservation systems, machine software, mobile ticketing, online shops and portals, Print@Home, RFID, tariff systems, CRM, etc.
  • Planning solutions: Timetable systems, rolling stock schedule rosters
  • Analysis platforms: Service invoices, MIS, frequency data collection and analysis, etc.
  • Solutions for operation: Track closures and catenary circuits

Over the last forty years ELCA has successfully implemented very many projects in the field of public transport and has been able to deploy nearly all its portfolio of solutions and services. In view of its extensive experience over many years and its in-depth understanding of the technological processes, ELCA is also in a position to offer tailor-made solutions on a turnkey basis in many areas of public transport and railways.

ELCA is a strategic IT partner of Swiss railways (SBB) and has already received the SBB's supplier award twice. ELCA has worked for Swiss Federal Railways for nearly a quarter of a century.

Furthermore, we have developed tailor-made IT solutions for other Swiss public transport services such as the Rhaetian Railway and the Matterhorn-Gotthard Railway as well as with railway companies in France, Great Britain, Spain and the Netherlands.


City Night Line | iDTGV | Matterhorn Gotthard railway| Nederlandse Spoorwegen | Parkeon | Rhaetian railway (RhB) | SBB-CFF-FFS | skyguide | SNCF | TCS – Touring Club Schweiz | Transdev | Transports Publics Genevois | Transpennine Express | Zürcher Verkehrsverbund

Lean production and high productivity, efficient processes and good cost management as well as a functional and flexible supply chain are just some of the "hot topics" in the manufacturing industry. In addition, new technologies and the transformation from a more product-driven business towards a solution business puts pressure on this industry – especially in the light of increasing competition from emerging markets.

ELCA developed industry-specific and custom-made technology solutions – whether on the basis of standard solutions or individual developments to overcome these challenges and meet business goals. Our extensive portfolio includes horizontal solutions such as CRM, ECM and similar services to completely manage typical business processes electronically up to complex tasks such as forecasting workloads, delivery times and product sales.

At ELCA you find product-neutral, well-founded advice and reliable technology solutions with real added value for your business.

Aside from assuring the quality of an event, the leisure and event sector industry currently faces two major challenges: to achieve customer satisfaction during the entire customer experience (by focusing on simplicity, security, and efficiency) and to gather valuable information about that customer.

The typical customer experience begins with a search for related information prior to the event and ends with attendance at the event or a customer survey. One of the most important milestones during this cycle is the ticket purchase, where a secure, friendly and natively omni-channel ticketing solution is crucial to support a good customer relationship.

The ability to target each customer with personalised sales offers based on customer status, ranking and other precisely-gathered facts, such as personal interests, creates a competitive advantage while strongly increasing the attraction rate.

By consolidating all data related to sales and marketing within a single business view and by providing a wide range of functions to stimulate and reward customers, it is possible to increase sales and customer loyalty.

SecuTix SA, a subsidiary of ELCA, has developed the comprehensive ticketing solution SecuTix 360°, which supports event and leisure industry professionals in tackling the challenges they face. SecuTix 360° has been conceived as a multi-segment and omni-channel platform, integrating both front-office (sales and marketing) and back-office processes (ticketing, access control, merchandising, finance and BI).

Thanks to excellent sales and marketing functions, SecuTix 360° is a strategic tool provided “as a service” in the cloud enabling high-return communication with customers while keeping operational costs under control and ensuring an excellent return on investment.

SecuTix’s leisure and event customers include the Paléo Festival, Messe Berlin, Railaway, Olma, Opéra National de Paris, Stade de France, Stade Océane, Théâtre Boulimie, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, and Teatre Lliure.

ELCA's roots in the energy sector go back to 1968, the year in which the company was founded, when ELCA developed the software application to control the Grande Dixence dam in the canton of Valais – the first computer-assisted process control in Switzerland.

Apart from reliable and accurate technology solutions, which the energy sector depends on with its important role as a utility, the industry is currently faced with a number of fundamental challenges: these include the energy strategy proposed by the Swiss Federal Council to abandon atomic power (2050), market liberalisation and the associated pressure on competition and prices, and new developments such as Smart Grid and Smart Metering, to name just a few.

Against this background, information technology can perform various roles and tasks for the energy sector: the right solutions can boost the efficiency and effectiveness of internal processes and workflows and so ultimately also increase productivity. This boosts the market position and resilience of the organisation. It also needs sector-specific solutions for the huge challenges of the future, including the massively increasing volumes of data and liberalisation, which break new ground.

ELCA is “at home” in the energy sector, with its wide range of solutions and its extensive experience gained over many years. We advise you on how to find the appropriate IT solution to achieve your business goal and implement this – from CRM solutions to address your customers and partners in a liberalised energy environment, ECM solutions (for example, eDossier or document management for major projects), invoice and portfolio management and even extending to (customer) portal solutions and Business Intelligence.

At the same time, we are a strategic partner for leading-edge projects. Please speak to us and find out more about our competencies and know-how in the energy sector.

The retail sector combines shops, department stores, newsstands, cooperatives, supermarkets and hypermarkets, mail-order selling or e-commerce. Distribution is one of the key sectors of economic activity in Switzerland and must constantly be able to adapt to new trends and market challenges.

Retailers are challenged by a rapid transition in their interactions with customers across physical and digital touchpoints. Legacy infrastructures are facing off against consumerized technologies. Process automation and enterprise application integration are also large topics in this industry. Interaction between systems instead of people is the efficient way to reduce costs and to deliver the goods on time.

Providing practical answers to the retail sector to meet these new challenges, ELCA supports its customers and provides them tailored and flexible solutions and flexible, which include evolving technologies and allow for easier system maintenance.

ELCA’s retail sector customers include Migros, Manor, Swatch and many others.

The service providers' operations primarily involve business processes that are made available as a service to third parties and are performed (Business Process Outsourcing BPO). This business environment requires standardisation, automation and flexibility. The costs here play a crucial role, if the business is to remain competitive. Scaling allows the costs for handling the processes to be optimised, i.e. a service provider can develop the same or similar processes for many companies. In spite of this, there are elements of the customer's specific requirements for the processes that need to be retained. The service providers' customers want to differentiate themselves from their competitors in their presentation, although some of the same services are offered.

Adjustments and changes to the processes must be implemented quickly. Modern architectures together with scalable and client-compatible solutions and systems are needed to achieve this flexibility. Service providers must also continuously work to improve their processes and obtain the greatest possible degree of process automation. To satisfy these requirements, ELCA has developed reference architectures which provide optimum support for this purpose.

Various ELCA solutions such as the entire document processing chain can be integrated in the business processes. ELCA's Digital Mailroom automates the entire process for incoming post. Our considerable expertise in this environment, which has been gained through experience of many projects involving concept development, implementation, migration and optimisation of flexible architectures as well as with business processes, helps our customers to operate even more effectively and successfully in the marketplace.

Our Service Provider customers include: Accarda, Billag, Bluecare, Bonus Card, Centris, Intrum Justitia, Kelly Services, Loterie Romande, Medkey, RVK, SV Service Schweiz, Orange, Swisscanto, Swisscom,  Swiss Post,  SIX Group, Viseca.

Pharmaceutical, medical technology and life sciences companies face more pressure than ever to increase revenue, accelerate innovation, maintain product quality, and achieve cost savings. In parallel, they foster innovation as the basis for new products. Failing to manage the exploding quantity of data and documents associated with the different activities can sabotage an organisation’s efforts to achieve its operating objectives and regulatory compliance responsibilities.

Information technology should play a crucial supporting role within companies, yet many organisations continue to rely on departmental solutions that create barriers to rapid information exchange, make content approval and distribution more labour intensive, increase the total cost of ownership, and compromise regulatory compliance.

In collaboration with our partners, ELCA delivers services and solutions that support the validation of the solution and the management of data and documents along the value chain. This helps to enable innovation, operational excellence, product safety, manufacturing consistency, and regulatory compliance.

The solutions ELCA delivers are based on enterprise-grade ECM products, which can be extended to other departments, such as Legal, Customer Communications, and HR.

Solutions include:

  • Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF)
  • Quality and manufacturing
  • Electronic submissions
  • Drug safety
  • HR files
  • Vendor Invoice Management (VIM)
  • Digital Mailroom
  • Plant and facility management

Our customers include Lonza, Edwards Life Sciences, Medtronic, Novartis, and several Swiss regional blood transfusion centres.

"With the introduction of a new DMS, we have not just established an innovative solution - we also have the foundation for closer collaboration between the regional blood donation services." - Dr. Daniel Albrecht, Chairman of  the Board, Blood Donation Service, Bern.

Aargauische Gebäude Versicherung Accarda Agroscope Alcon Pharmaceuticals Aligro Allianz Suisse Allianz Suisse Versicherung Alpiq Alpiq InTec Alstom AO Foundation Argos investment Managers SA armasuisse Aspro Ocio Group Association ARCOS Assura Atupri AVASAD AXA Winterthur Banque Cramer & Cie S.A. Banque Lombard Odier & Cie S.A. Banque Pictet & Cie S.A. Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild S.A. Banque Privée Espirito Santo Basler Versicherungen – Baloise BCGE BCV BCVs Billag BKB Bluecare Blutspendedienst SRK Bern Blutspendedienst SRK St.Gallen Blutspendedienst SRK Vaud BNP Paribas (Suisse) S.A. BRED Bruxelles Expo Bundesamt für Gesundheit Canton Argovia Canton de St.Gallen Kantonspolizei Canton Fribourg Canton Geneva Canton Lucerne Canton St. Gallen Kantonspolizei Canton Uri Canton Vaud Canton Zurich Cendres + Métaux Central Compensation Office Centris Charles Vögele CHUV CIA CIA-CEH CIO CKW Cobedix Compagnie des Alpes Competec/Brack Concordia Crédit Agricole Suisse S.A Crédit du Maroc Crédit Suisse CS Aerospace & Defence Group CTI Die Mobiliar Dimension Corporate Finance E-Health Switzerland E-toile – Canton of Geneva EBU EDF Edition Atlas Edwards Life Sciences EGK Gesundheitskasse EIM Group EPFL ESA ETH Libary European Commission FBA Federal Health Department Federal Office for Professional Education & Technology Federal Roads Office Fédération Vaudoise des Entrepreneurs Ferag FHV FMA FNAC FOITT FOT Galenos Gaznat GazNet Genève Aéroport GKB Gonet & Cie Graubünden Office of Business & Tourism Groupe E Health Departement of Geneva Health Departement of Vaud Health Departement Zurich Health Networks Vaud Heineken Helsana Helvetia Versicherungen Hospital of Fribourg HOTELA HP (Banking Service Center Bern) HSBC Private Bank (Suisse) SA ICRC IDTGV IMAD – Geneva Innova Inselspital Bern IOC IPI ITC Japan Tabacco International Kantonsorgan Bund Kelly Services Klug Kolping Koordinationsorgan Bund – Kantone KPT Kummler & Matter Liechtensteinische Landesbank Lombard Odier & Cie Lonza Loterie Romande Manor Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn Medkey Medtronic Merck Messe Berlin Meteo Swiss Migros National Suisse Nederlandse Spoorwegen Nespresso Nestlé Nord Stream Novartis Pharma Obwaldner Kantonalbank OFCOM Olma Opera national de Paris Orange Paléo Festival Nyon Palexpo Geneva Parkeon Pension Fund Canton Fribourg Pfizer Philip Morris Philip Morris International Pictet Asset Management SA Policlinique Médicale Universitaire de Lausanne UNHCR UEFA UBS Unigestion Union Bancaire Privée University of Applied Science Fribourg University Hospital of Geneva University Hospital of Basel Uniqa Transpennine Express Transdev SwissRe Swissgrid Swisscom Swisscanto Sympany Tax Department TPG The Global Fund TCS UPU USZ ZVV Zürich Versicherungen Zur Rose Zoo Zürich Vita Surselva Visilab Viseca Vaudoise Assurances Vivates VON ZKB WTO WIPO Swiss Post Solution Swiss Post Schlumberger SBB-CFF-FFS Sanitas SAK Swiss Alpin Club Secon Seco Schwyzer Kantonalbank Saab Group RVK RailAway Raiffeisen Bank Provita Retraites Populaires Rhätische Bahn RUK Ruag Group Romande Energie SEIC-Teledis Serono Swica Swatch Group SA SV Service Schweiz SUVA Swiss Armed Forces Swiss Federal Office of topography Swiss National Library Swiss Life Swiss Federal Statistical Office Supra Sunstore Skyguide SIX Group SIG SNCF SNSF Stämpfli Spital Thun Simmental South Stream Postfinance


From Consulting to Application Management, from junior to senior, from Geneva to Zurich - we offer interesting opportunities.

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We believe in diversity: Our teams include graduates from top-class national and international universities.

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