ELCA creates successful solutions for stakeholders in the healthcare system. ELCA helps digitize the system, while respecting data privacy and applying security aspects necessary for handling health related data.

Healthcare solutions must comply with data protection and legal requirements. At the same time, digitization in the healthcare system opens up new possibilities and innovations.


The healthcare sector has been in transition for many years. Patients are becoming better and better informed and digitally connected, which has increased the expectations they have of doctors, hospitals and other service providers and of the entire system. At the same time, the healthcare sector is under pressure to control rising costs.

An important challenge in the sector is to comply with the federal government’s e-health strategy. Patient data will be available electronically and it is expected that improvements in patient care and in research will be achieved by the provision of more information that can be correlated. Solutions supporting homecare are becoming more and more important as the number of patients grows steadily while health resources are limited. Health insurance companies are tackling their digitization strategy by implementing analytics-driven solutions and supporting their customers through different channels (mobile, portals, …).


ELCA has in-depth knowledge of the healthcare market and has already carried out projects with various stakeholders. Combined with the software engineering idea and our "we make it work" spirit, this knowledge leads to innovative and pragmatic solutions for a digitized healthcare system. 

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Sumex Suite

The Sumex Suite, developed by ELCA Informatique SA on behalf of Suva, is a comprehensive software suite tailored to the needs of the Swiss insurance sector. The solution reviews over 20 million invoices every year and can draw on a large volume of data using modern data analytics.

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