IntAct Board - ELCA’s security and fraud protection solution

Smart visualisation of events and field missions to aid security and the fight against fraud.

Those responsible for planning security and field control missions often lack the means to analyse the information available to them to determine the optimum location to deploy way teams efficiently on operations of enforced surveillance.

ELCA has developed IntAct Board – a Smart events visualisation and decision support solution for field security operations and to fight against fraud. This platform makes it possible to structure data gathered during control missions, and visualise and analyse them in order to support the decision-making process. When should the next deployment take place? How can all areas be covered? What are the mission objectives, etc.?

If you’re responsible for planning control missions, ELCA’s solution supports your decision-making process based on facts. The solution allows you to create ad hoc missions, which are available for your field deployment teams via a mobile application. At the conclusion of the mission, it’s easy to compile all follow-up activities and deployment reports.




About the security and anti-fraud platform:

  • Collection: The data is collected from your control system, event log or database (or spreadsheet) using straightforward data importing. The solution also provides a log, which allows events to be captured via a mobile application or website.
  • Analysis: Based on the control data, the fraud detection platform presents two highly intuitive displays:
    • Heat maps
    • Tables and graphs
  • Planning: The operations controller may mark zones where control missions are required as well as define the type of mission s/he believes should be carried out by identifying the deployment area and defining the nature of the mission.
  • Mission assignment: The field teams can see there is a mission to be carried out and they may fulfil this one or several times by giving the information regarding the number of members of the team on deployment, the time of mission execution, etc. All in just 3 clicks! They can then can add a log entry as a summary SITREP (situation report).
  • Results’ analysis: The mission data is then available in the dashboard to assess the success or otherwise of the mission.

This solution is intended to support the forces of law and order, organisers of major events, industry groups as well as any organisation looking to locate and thwart fraudulent events, e.g., transport companies.