ELCA and Ofac are presenting SHIP, a secure numerical identification solution for the health sector


ELCA Informatique a private Swiss IT company, and Ofac the professional cooperative of Swiss pharmacists have collaborated in the development of a secure numerical identification solution (IdP or Identity Provider), specially designed to meet the demands of the healthcare world. Known as SHIP (Swiss Health Identity Provider), it relies on Cloudtrust technology developed by ELCA and will be exclusively distributed by Ofac into the Swiss health market. The product is aimed at healthcare professionals seeking a secure identification and authentication solution. Ofac will integrate SHIP into its digital health platform Abilis, which is planned for release in autumn 2019, as well as into electronic medical records as of spring 2020, according to OFSP scheduling.

Personal data cybersecurity and data protection are major topics in the media and cause great concern among the public. ELCA and Ofac have both been working at the forefront of these issues in their respective fields for many years.


The difficulties of observing changing legal requirements regarding both protection of the private sphere as well as computer security are important considerations; this is particularly true when personal medical data is involved. Federal law relating to the introduction and distribution of electronic patient files (known locally as LDEP) as well as its ordinance (ODEP) must be able to be applied by April 2020, across all Swiss territory. With their Swiss Health Identity Provider (SHIP), ELCA and Ofac have developed a key component of the necessary computer infrastructure. Specially adapted to the requirements of LDEP and ODEP, and certified from 2019, the SHIP solution enables the recording and administration of digital identity, thus conforming to the strict standards defined by the legislation.


During the Swiss eHealth Summit 2018 (11th-12th September 2018) at the Stade de Suisse in Bern, ELCA and Ofac are presenting the SHIP solution at a joint stand, and also during the session entitled “Patient empowerment – a new role for patients”, on September 12th.