"Available career paths make it possible to grow with the company", - Jan

Having been offered the possibility to work in different departments and roles, Jan is now working as a Project and Team Leader/Manager in a completely different area than the one he started in several years ago.  

by Jan
Manager ECM at ELCA Zurich

How did you hear about ELCA?

I was contacted by a recruiting agency. What I especially liked at the beginning were the possibilities I was given by ELCA. In addition, ELCA’s company profile is very attractive and the available career paths very appealing. Another aspect was the hiring process, where I felt very at home. It was something completely different compared to other companies I’d been talking to.


What does your role/job look like?

I started as a junior software developer, but soon I was given very broad responsibilities for the projects I was involved in, e.g., technical project leadership. After four to five years I’d moved from working as a programming engineer to being the leading project manager on numerous customer projects. ELCA is one of the biggest independent software companies and offers the possibility to move from one Business Line to another, allowing you work in different departments and roles and to grow with the company. Now I’m working as a Project and Team Leader/Manager for a smaller team in a completely different area than the one I started in eleven years ago.  

What fascinates you about your job?

On the one hand certainly the team, which consists of highly competent and cool people; on the other it’s the great relationship we have with our customers. It’s very enjoyable and also very professional, for example, on the project we’re working on – and not only in the B2B area – but also in other projects such as a reservation system for special overnight offers in the mountains, which is deployed in alpine countries and used by a large number of visitors.


What do you especially like about ELCA?

The high expertise and the friendly relationship with my colleagues, the possibilities offered by ELCA to develop your career and the recognition of the contribution I can make as an individual.