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ELCA has been rewarded with the Ecovadis Bronze Medal

ELCA made significant sustainability improvements in 2023 and received the Ecovadis Bronze Medal. 

We are delighted to announce that ELCA has been honored with the EcoVadis Bronze Medal, underscoring our commitment to sustainable growth and positive contributions to the environment and local communities. This recognition reflects our standing above the median sustainability score among companies evaluated by EcoVadis.

In our ongoing pursuit of sustainability excellence, ELCA actively engages in the annual EcoVadis Assessment. Here are some key initiatives that contributed to this achievement:


  1. Internal Sustainability Reporting: We have completed the drafting of our internal test sustainability report for 2022, setting the stage for a comprehensive public sustainability report 2023, which will be released in 2024.


  2. Sustainability Supplier Code of Conduct: ELCA has established a robust framework outlining our sustainability expectations for the supply chain, ensuring alignment with our core values.


  3. Supplier Assessment Questionnaire: We have developed a comprehensive sustainability supplier assessment questionnaire to conduct due diligence on our primary suppliers, promoting transparency and responsible sourcing.


  4. Strategic Sustainability Goals: ELCA has set clear environmental, labor & social, ethical, and sustainable procurement goals. These targets ensure a systematic approach to enhancing the sustainability of our activities over time.


Our team remains dedicated to ongoing efforts aimed at further elevating ELCA's sustainability performance. We look forward to the continuous journey of improvement and the positive impact it brings to our business, stakeholders, and the world at large.