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Joining forces to monitor next-generation cybersecurity in the energy sector


September 12, 2024 - September 12, 2024

13:00 - 14:00

Discover how Senthorus, ELCA's next-generation security operations center, is working with Swiss energy companies to address today's and tomorrow's advanced cyber threats, and how its joining forces initiative will boost resilience and reduce costs.

  • What is a new-generation Security Operations Center (SOC)?
  • Energy players in Switzerland share their experiences
  • What do we mean by "joining forces"?
  • How can this reduce risks and costs for the energy sector?

Agenda :

13h00 - 13h10: What is a next-generation security operations center?

  • Traditional SOC vs. next-generation SOC,

13h10 - 13h45: The Swiss energy sector's experience with the next-generation SOC

  • Two Swiss energy companies share their experience
    • The integration process
    • Day-to-day operations
    • IT and OT: challenges and evolution
    • A wish list for the future? Joining forces?

13h45 - 14h00: Joining forces to reduce risks and costs

  • Are you ready to take the lead on cyber resilience in the Swiss energy sector?


Register at the link below. 

Target audience:

  • CIOs
  • CISO
  • Head of IT / IT Manager


Context of the Webinar:

Given the constant evolution of cyber threats, it has become increasingly clear that the once sufficient traditional Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) are now struggling to effectively meet the increased cybersecurity needs of the Swiss energy sector.

These traditional MSSPs are mainly characterized by reactive measures, responding to incidents as they occur. However, as cyber threats become more sophisticated and stealthy, this approach becomes inadequate.

That's where next-generation Security Operations Centers (SOCs) come into play. They are not simply a technological upgrade on their predecessors. They represent a fundamental change in the way cybersecurity is approached. They demonstrate a proactive mindset, deploying cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict and anticipate cyber threats.

Furthermore, next-generation SOCs take into account the intertwined nature of IT and OT security, providing integrated services that correlate events in these traditionally separate domains. In addition to these capabilities, ELCASecurity and Senthorus have embarked on an initiative to reduce the risk and cost of cyber resilience through a holistic approach designed and tailored for Swiss energy companies. 

Jean-David Albou

Client Partner

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