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Optimizing Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn's Digital Strategy

Transforming MGBahn's digital approach for enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction, with ELCA Advisory.

In the heart of the Alps, Matterhorn Gotthard Railway (MGBahn), a part of the BVZ Group, embarked on a journey to enhance efficiency and customer experience by reevaluating its 2024 digital strategy. 

Collaborating closely with ELCA Advisory experts, this success story illustrates the strategic steps taken to drive MGBahn's digital vision forward: “Through the competent and inspiring use of digital technologies, we are creating a high-quality experience for customers, the public, and our employees". The result was a digital strategy grounded in realistic objectives and clear actions poised to propel MGBahn towards its digital future.

Raising efficiency and benefiting their customers, through an optimized Digital Vision.

MGBahn's challenges were primarily:

  • Realizing efficiency gains across customers, processes, finances, and fundamentals.
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering growth in local and foreign markets.

ELCA Advisory's structured and participatory approach was instrumental in revising MGBahn's digital strategy:

  • Comprehensive analysis, including interviews and employee surveys, identified pain points and areas for improvement.
  • Evaluation and reprioritization of the existing project portfolio based on "project benefits" and "project health".
  • Workshops involving diverse participants from specialist departments and management led to the development of a robust digital vision with 9 actionable fields.
  • Clear objectives, KPIs, and project assignments were defined, ensuring a cohesive strategy aligned with company goals.

With ELCA Advisory, we had a partner who supported us on an equal, pragmatic, and collaborative basis in the successful revision of our digital strategy. ELCA Advisory responded flexibly to our wishes, tailored the approach ideally to our needs, and structures. We are very satisfied with the result and have an optimal basis for the next steps of our digital journey.

Martin Ittig


The collaboration yielded tangible results:

  • A comprehensive analysis of the current digital landscape.
  • A widely supported digital vision.
  • 9 defined and achievable fields of action with clear goals, KPIs, and responsibilities.
  • A revised, re-evaluated, and prioritized project list.
  • A communication concept to effectively convey the digital strategy.
  • Valuable recommendations, spanning technologies, methods, employee empowerment, and change management.

Incorporating lessons from past strategies and ongoing projects, MGBahn now stands on a solid foundation for further successful digital transformation. This success story highlights not just the strategic revisions but a holistic approach that ensures seamless integration into day-to-day business operations.


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Marius Kaufmann

Senior Business Consultant, ELCA Advisory

Introducing Marius Kaufmann, Senior Business Consultant at ELCA Advisory. Marius advises clients on strategic digital transformation projects and is based in Bern.