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Financial Services Advisory

ELCA Financial Services Advisory helps banks and financial entities adapt to new challenges by leveraging digital transformation, incorporating new technologies and business model

In an ever-evolving banking landscape, where customer expectations and new competitors emerge, embracing digital transformation becomes paramount for banks to thrive. At ELCA Financial Services Advisory, we are here to empower financial institutions, propelling them forward with new digital business models, innovative technologies, and approaches that redefine customer experiences. Our unique blend of business and IT expertise allows us to craft strategies that unlock new possibilities, ensure regulatory compliance, and fortify data security. Our mission is clear: to enhance competitive advantage, drive revenue growth, optimise costs, and streamline processes. Let us be your trusted partner in this digital era of opportunity.


Cloud - Strategy for migration

Leverage the full potential of cloud services by combining a goal-oriented digital strategy with business objectives.


Digital Customer Onboarding

Fast, simple, secure, automated and attractive onboarding of prospects, with a frictionless and easy access to the bank’s products, services and facilities.


Conversational Banking

Appealing, easy and efficient client-bank interaction via in-app chatbots, voice assistants, human agents through voice, text, and/or visual engagement tools.


Hybrid Advisory

Adequate and engaging combination of roboadvisor and personal relationship in assisting clients for investments and portfolio management.


Digital Loans

Simple, speedy and efficient loan application with a complete digital customer journey and e-kyc, allowing for a swift response and rapid time-to-cash.


Instant Payments

Easy and real-time digital transactions between two parties, effortlessly, smoothly and 24/7/365, boosting security for both businesses and consumers.


Open Banking(AIS & PIS)

Attractive and efficient overall control of all accounts held with banks, with easy, frictionless and real-time debiting of each from one single point of entry.


Customer Relationship Management

Complete customer profile, streamline the customer engagement process, build customer loyalty, and increase sales and profits.


Data Driven PFM/BFM

Understand your clients’ needs, drive engagement and conversion rates, boost growth and revenue sustainability.

Roberta Profeta

Head of Advisory Business Consulting

Roberta Profeta, our Head of Advisory Business Consulting