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Cloud Native Software Development

Agile Cost-Optimized Cloud Native Software Development using ELCA and AWS joint experience.


Missing agility in a fast-changing market.

It is quite common to have fast benefits with modern applications built for on-prem operations in their first years. But they face big challenges as soon as they need to adapt and grow to fast-changing market demands and increasing volumes. Traditional applications then face performance problems, significant downtimes and need substantial investments in hardware and refactoring when hosted on-premise. Ensuring 24/7 availability for business-critical applications becomes crucial. Moreover, modern applications present complex dependencies and configurations, adding to the burden to deliver in time for the fast-changing market

The ELCA Solution

Agile Cost-Optimized Cloud Native Software Development using ELCA and AWS joint experience.

ELCA and AWS offer specialized services to build your cloud native software solution using cloud native Architecture, running on highly Abstracted System platforms like AWS EKS on Fargate. They are supported by a fully Automated CI/CD pipeline in a DevOps Organization working with ELCA’s scaled start-up approach.​

This cost-effective, comprehensive ELCA Solution addresses your challenges on enhancing efficiency, flexibility, and reliability for your business and ensures YOU stay ahead of the fast-changing market.

We build your cloud native software solution by combining cloud native architecture, efficient tooling and DevOps excellence to maximize resilience, engineering efficiency and business agility.


Cloud-native software solutions are deployed quickbusinessly and easily, enabling faster time-to-market and better responsiveness to changing needs.​

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Nissim Buchs

Delivery Manager

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