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Activity-Based Intelligence Dashboard: How can data analysis improve the decision-making process for operations managers in operations centers?

The rescue and public security organisations (emergency services) handle large volumes of data, both as incidents stored on their systems and through informal channels.

To optimise their deployment and attendance, it is critically important for them to be able to analyse such data as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, the personnel in attendance often lack suitable mobile software tools for immediate logging of data on site. Furthermore, conventional statistical tools are not designed to meet the operational and tactical requirements of operations managers.

Lausanne West Police Force (PolOuest) operates under the auspices of a partnership of eight municipalities (resident population: 70,000). To identify threats and dangers in its deployment area at an early stage, a systematic analytical concept has been introduced for local area reconnaissance. PolOuest now uses AID-Pol to assess its 350 to 400 call-outs each week to keep itself informed of how incidents are developing geographically and in time. This enables the police to coordinate their deployment of resources in key areas continuously and efficiently.

Thierry Guyot

Lieutenant de la PolOuest

AID-Pol: where innovation and practical experience meet

ELCA has developed an innovative software solution to which the accumulated experience of the police is added. Activity-Based Intelligence Dashboard, abbreviated to AID-Pol, is designed for police forces. This pragmatic, secure and target-oriented solution for emergency services offers all necessary information at a glance. This ensures efficient operational support and supplements the existing toolkit in this field. AID-Pol is a tool for analysis and display of synthetic data using heat-mapping and statistical presentation, facilitating communication between teams and with the authorities.


ELCA devised the AID-Pol software solution in cooperation with a local police force. AID-Pol is based on the latest scientific and forensic knowledge on the subject of data processing. Easy to operate, AID-Pol is the ideal solution for operations centers and offers flexible options for use and access.


AID-Pol from ELCA: Softwas as a Service in a Swiss cloud

AID-Pol is available as an on-premise or software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. If organisations opt for SaaS, they enjoy all the advantages of a managed service. ELCA teams operate the AID-Pol application on their hybrid, cloud-based platform in Switzerland, giving clients the benefit of a secure application, which is kept up to date without any effort on their part.