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Evaluate Low-Code Development Platforms (Master Thesis/ Internhips)


"Low-code" development platforms have several advantages compared to traditional approaches. They allow people with little or no programming knowledge to develop significant portions of an application, they reduce the amount of tedious plumbing and boilerplate, and allow quick development iterations. Some platforms promise to increase the developer productivity dramatically with a speedup factor up to 6!


We would like to evaluate the impact of this approach on our development projects and identify uses cases where it makes most sense to adopt such tools widely.

In this role

The objective of this internship is to:

  • Select a low-code tool among market leaders such as OutSystems
  • Re-implement parts of an existing system with the low-code tool and compare the productivity, code size and other metrics, as well as get experience with the tool. We will select parts to re-implement with both UI code and backend logic, to cover different use cases (such as case management)
  • Analyze the tool and the reasons for the speedup
  • Analyze what use cases seem a good fit for such a tool
  • [Optional Step] Compare the approach to model-driven software engineering: Try to deduce the implicit model
  • [Optional Step] Check how we can adopt practices from low-code tools in our projects 

What we offer

Join our team as intern and you will find a young, dynamic and culturally diverse working environment.

About your profile

  • Software engineering.
  • Interest for software architecture and programming tools.

If you are INTERESTED in applying for this position, please send us your complete application (CV, cover letter, letter of reference, diplomas and certificates).