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Advisory Engine for Advanced Case Management (Internship / Master Thesis)


Imagine you are facing multiple complex cases, trying to achieve your daily job in the Pension & Social Insurance industry. Wouldn’t it be great to have an application that enables you to simply open your business case and, whatever the complexity, obtain recommendations on the way the case should be solved, based on your experience and similar cases previously solved by your colleagues in the system? This is what this project is about.

Challenge: The key challenge is to discover patterns from the existing data (structured and unstructured) and to define recommendations based on identified similarities, and enrich them with other algorithms (using deep learning, …). Correctly extracting the unstructured information and its context (using NLP) will be the second challenge of this project. Furthermore, the challenges take place within a multilingual source of information (French and German).

Project applications: Social and Disability Insurance

What you will learn: You will be a junior data scientist, developing your skills in machine learning (deep learning, text, etc.) in the context of advanced case management.

Possible extension: Integrate the recommendation engine into a standard case management tool.

Keywords: NLP, recommendations, deep learning, machine learning, big data, cloud technology, text search, advanced case management.

In this role

In this project, the goal is to:

  • Analyze structured and unstructured data using NLP
  • Find patterns in the analyzed data
  • Build an Engine recommending best choices or options to solve business issues based on historical structured and unstructured data
  • Integrate recommendation engine to a standard case management too

What we offer

Join our team as intern and you will find a young, dynamic and culturally diverse working environment.

About your profile

  • Required: machine learning, deep learning and NLP, computer vision
  • Software engineering: Java, deep learning libraries, big data technologies, python
  • Good knowledge of French and German language

If you are INTERESTED in applying for this position, please send us your complete application (CV, cover letter, letter of reference, diplomas and certificates).