The modern content services platform for document management, eDossier solutions, eCase solutions and more.

Sascha Buechler
Lead Consultant

MosaicCloud requires limited project time for its implementation and can be deployed immediately. Its intuitive user interface secures a speedy onboarding as well.

Our offer is articulated in several packages with a clear pricing behind each functional and volume add-ons. Our base package already comes with a rich set of features, together with several consulting days to make sure that your selection properly fits your needs.


With MosaicCloud, you benefit from a modern frontend which optimizes user experience and maximizes usability. Multiple integration possibilities come with full mobility through flexible accesses. The automatic updates provide you with the latest features available.


MosaicCloud leverages our Swiss sovereign Cloud solution named ELCA Cloud, which is managed by our dedicated entity ELCACloudServices. You thus enjoy the high security and scalability of a Swiss Cloud hosting together with a single point of contact with a trusted proximity partner.

Available applications :

MosaicCloud eDossier

Mosaic Cloud logo 2022_green.png

This document management module is at the core of our ecosystem. It builds a context-related eDossier by dynamically linking all related documents from every content system, with a clear and synthetical structure. eDossier also offers an intuitive and user-friendly search function. It supplements basic content systems and specialist applications with processing functions such as drop zone, document processing and bundling, comment function, multi-export (merge), Excel export, Outlook add-in, Office integration, offline mode, iPad app, etc.

The number of dossier types, document types and document attributes varies based on the selected package.

Mosaic Cloud logo 2022_green.png
Mosaic Cloud logo 2022_violet.png

MosaicCloud eCase

Mosaic Cloud logo 2022_violet.png

This module can be seamlessly integrated to eDossier to substitute the traditional document centric view with a case centric view. Cases can be created manually or by interfaces such as ERP or omni channel inbox. A dedicated To Do list and a team inbox are associated to each case, to increase collaboration thru tasks' assignment, comment sharing and joint planning.


The base eCase package includes the base package of eDossier.

MosaicCloud eArchive

Mosaic Cloud logo 2022_blue.png

MosaicCloud eArchive is a solution powered by EASY Archive from EASY SOFTWARE that securely archives your documents in the Cloud. Key benefits of digital storage beyond safeguarding your most valuable archives against accidental destruction derive from reduced cost of storage as well as facilitated search, access and sharing of your documents. Retention policies are easier to implement  in order to ensure the compliant storage of your tax- and business-relevant records, for example. MosaicCloud eArchive can be connected to your business application to enable the direct storage and retrieval of documents from your front-end-application.

Mosaic Cloud logo 2022_blue.png
Contact: Sascha Buechler

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