PostFinance is the first Swiss financial institution to launch a chatbot

PostFinance has set up a virtual assistant on its website.

The virtual assistant developed by ELCA has been successful launched and it has already been widely accepted by customers.

The chatbot is available around the clock and generates automatic replies to customers’ most frequently asked questions. For the time being, PostFinance’s virtual assistant only operates in German. It replies automatically to repetitive customer enquiries and is unrestricted by the Contact Center’s opening hours. The virtual assistant was developed by the IT service provider ELCA and is based on Nuance’s standard product “Nina Web”. Various additional services, which have only just been developed, have been set up to process natural language. These services aim to optimize the virtual agent’s speaking comprehension, improve dialogue management, provide more context and improve its ability to process enquiries. The development phase lasted eleven months.

PostFinance regularly feeds new content to the virtual assistant based on the questions asked. In addition, it continues to learn over time thanks to feedback from users. It currently recognizes three quarters of all enquiries from the initial contact and is able to give the customer a suitable answer. This means that the virtual assistant has been widely accepted and the number of enquiries per day is constantly increasing.


Further development planned

With the launch of the virtual assistant a success, progress is already being made on its next stage of development. It will be equipped with more capabilities and more closely integrated into PostFinance’s existing systems: for example, the chat with a customer advisor.


Try out the virtual assistant